Bridget Gaddis, AIA, LEED AP

Bridget Gaddis has had her own practice in Alexandria, VA since 2011. Gaddis Architect specializes in all phases of commercial and commercial retail design, design management and construction. We work to maximize the success of a business by optimizing the performance of their space. Many common, and some not so common, design challenges are analyzed. Solutions aimed at creating a visual presence in various environments, and expressing a brand, are presented. We think that, on some level, all design is retail and we are sure that no project is too small to be great.

Amber Book Promotion

Amber Book Promotion

Allison Ewing, AIA

As an architect and leader, Allison Ewing has advanced sustainability through design, implementation and advocacy – both within and beyond the architectural profession — by modeling change in the building industry with solutions both visionary and practicable. Working on commercial, institutional, residential, and mixed-use projects at both large- and small-scale, Allison Ewing’s architectural experience spans twenty-five years and three continents. Ms. Ewing’s work seeks transformation – of site, of workplace, of living environment. She pursues design excellence at all scales, from site to building to detail – an approach which encompasses meeting client’s goals while arriving at elegant solutions that embody sustainable best practices.

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Jennie Gwin, AIA

Jennie Gwin, AIA, is a Principal in Beyer Blinder Belle’s Washington, DC office who specializes in historic preservation and adaptive re-use projects. Jennie has extensive experience with government projects involving multiple stakeholders. She has particular expertise in materials conservation and federal historic rehabilitation tax credits. She has deployed this expertise on high profile historic landmarks with complex project requirements, including the US Supreme Court, Cannon House Office Building, Washington DC Carnegie Library, and National Park Service National Capital Region Headquarters.

Jennie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural History and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia, a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Jennie is a Commissioner on the Arlington County Historical Affairs Landmark Review Board, a Docomomo DC board member, and she serves on the AIA HABS Knowledge Community Committee. Jennie is an active member of AIA Northern Virginia and an instructor in the AIA NOVA ARE prep series. In coordination with WIA Jennie has organized a series of panel discussions on equity, diversity, and inclusion in architecture firms. Beyer Blinder Belle is hosting the three-part series that started in February.

Jennie lives in Arlington with her husband and 19-month old daughter.

AIA Virginia Newsletter: March 2020

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New Architects
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2020 General Assembly Wrap-Up
We saw a fast-paced session full of proposals on energy, sustainability, fair housing, anti-discrimination, labor rights, and gun-control. Learn more>>

Architecture Exchange East: Foresight 2020
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ACE event March 18 Williamsburg
Join us for a joint forum with key decision-makers from the Virginia Department of General Services (DGS) to discuss how the industry can most effectively collaborate with the Commonwealth. DGS oversees more than $1.8 billion of new construction. Learn more>>

Jury Announced for 2020 AIA Virginia Prize
We are pleased to announce the jury for the 2020 AIA Virginia Prize. Bob Moje, FAIA will serve as chair. Learn more>>

An Update from the ELA Class
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Virginia Celebrates New Fellows
AIA is elevating 5 AIA members from AIA Virginia to its prestigious College of Fellows, AIA’s highest membership honor, for their exceptional work and contributions to architecture and society. Read more>>

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SFx 4th Quarter Report
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Alternative Paths to Licensure – IPAL
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Hampton Roads NOMA Interest Mixer
A small and determined contingent in the Hampton Roads area gathered to mix and mingle and gauge interest and membership momentum for chartering a Virginia NOMA. Learn more>>

Construction Site Signs Available for Architecture Firms
We’re sponsoring up to 10 of the AIA’s construction site signs for members. We’d love to see at least one in each of Virginia’s 5 components. Learn more>>

Emerging Professionals Summit
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SAP Training in Richmond
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Welcome These New Members
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Year in Review
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2020 AIA Virginia Dues
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Emerging Professionals Summit

On Friday, March 6, 2020, AIA Virginia convened YAF and Emerging Professional leaders from around the state to build connections, share resources, and identify service redundancies and gaps in services.

This group of leaders will continue to meet regularly in-person and via conference calls to discuss ways to support our emerging professionals.

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A Very Discounted Amber Book Opportunity

AIA Virginia will be providing the Amber Book to 24 Associate members this Spring for $50.  The sign-up will open on March 23, 2020 via an email announcement from AIA Virginia.

Here are the parameters:

  1. Upon receiving the email announcement, be one of the first 24 Associate members to sign up on March 23. This is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. The Amber Book will only be accessible for a two-month period and all licenses will commence at the same time.
  3. If you become one of the 24 recipients, you must sign an agreement that states you will register for all of your ARE exams when the Amber Book enrollment ends.
  4. Send AIA Virginia a screenshot proving you have registered for all of your exams.
  5. Let us know how many exams you pass on your first shot.

2020 General Assembly Wrap-Up

On March 7, the 2020 General Assembly adjourned sine die.

With a new Democratic majority in both chambers, we saw a fast-paced session full of proposals on energy, sustainability, fair housing, anti-discrimination, labor rights, and gun-control. In this session, the Senate introduced 1,095 bills and the House introduced 1,734 bills respectively. In addition, 299 resolutions were put forth for consideration. There were many long days spent advocating for AIA Virginia. However, one of the great highlights was recognition of AIA Virginia on the House floor by Del. Betsy Carr (D – Richmond) at the end of February. Del. Carr’s remarks emphasized the important role that architects play in shaping equitable, resilient, and healthy communities.

The Joint Legislative Committee (JLC), composed of practitioners from AIA Virginia and ACEC Virginia, reviewed all the bills and resolutions to determine the ones to act on. 

We are thankful for the volunteer service of our AIA Virginia JLC representatives as follows:

Kathy Galvin, AIA – Principal at Kathy Galvin Architects
Ed Gillikin, AIA – Principal at KOP Architects
Kenney Payne, AIA – Vice President at Moseley Architects
Stephen Weisensale, AIA – Senior Associate at Commonwealth Architects

If you know any of these individuals, please take a moment to reach out to them and share your gratitude.

AIA Virginia played an instrumental role in three major bills, of which as of today, are awaiting the Governor’s signature.  SB 658, which makes the “duty to defend” language in indemnification clauses against public policy, was carried by Sen. Scott Surovell (D – Mount Vernon). HB 1300 and its companion SB 607 both provide for a 15-year statute of limitations for design and construction projects performed for the Commonwealth of Virginia, including public institutes of higher education. HB 1300 was carried by Del. Chris Hurst (D – Blacksburg) and Senate Minority Leader Tommy Norment (R – Williamsburg) served as the patron of SB  607.

Through the increasing membership support of our Political Action Committee (PAC), we have been able to build increasingly more legislative relationships. Please make a 2020 investment in our PAC today to help elevate our voice on the built environment. We need you.

Below are the bills that AIA Virginia engaged or monitored during the session.


The organization acted in a lobbying capacity on the following bills:

HB 833Carroll Foy – Virginia Public Procurement Act; public works contracts, prevailing wage rate, penalty.

HB 1078Hope – Virginia Public Procurement Act; process for competitive negotiation, etc. (Note: The bill patron agreed to language that would exempt architects.)

HB 1300Hurst – Virginia Public Procurement Act; statute of limitations on actions on construction contracts. (Position: SUPPORT)

HB 1414Filler-Corn – Transportation; amends numerous laws related to funds, safety programs, revenue sources, etc. (Note: Successfully lobbied for building projects associated with transportation to be procured using Qualifications Based Selection)

SB 94Favola – Virginia Energy Plan; relating to the Commonwealth Energy Policy (Position: ADVOCATE FOR SEAT)

SB 385McPike – Engineers; exemption from regulation. (Position: SUPPORT)

SB 487Bell – Virginia Public Procurement Act; architectural and professional engineering term contracts. (Position: SUPPORT)

SB 607Norment – Virginia Public Procurement Act; statute of limitations on actions on construction contracts. (Position: SUPPORT)

SB 658Surovell – Contracts with design professionals; provisions requiring a duty to defend void. (Position: SUPPORT)

SB 890Saslaw – Transportation; amends numerous laws related to funds, safety programs, revenue sources, etc. (Note: Successfully lobbied for building projects associated with transportation to be procured using Qualifications Based Selection)


AIA Virginia monitored bills placed in this category.  Often, we watch bills because they are of interest and we want to remain informed.  When this is the case, it is often another organization taking the lead due to its specific expertise and political relationships.  If amendments are introduced that make a bill in this category detrimental to our profession, then it is moved to the ACTIVE list and we engage.  There are some bills that AIA Virginia does not take a position on.  An example of this would be bills that define “small business”.  Because of the composition of our membership, we would not want to take any action that would hurt any of our members.

HB 22Lindsey – Virginia Shoreline Resiliency Fund; grant program.

HB 454Wyatt – Virginia Public Procurement Act; purchase programs for recycled goods, climate-positive materials.

HB 558Lindsey – Micro-business; enhancement of participation in local procurement.

HB 810Bourne – Virginia housing opportunity tax credit program; VHDA, et al., to develop. (Position: ADVOCATE FOR SEAT)

HB 882Bulova – Stormwater management; proprietary best management practices, reciprocity.

HB 890Sickles – Construction management and design-build contracting; use by local public bodies.

HB 1313Hodges – Chief Resiliency Officer; Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to designate.

HB 1407Ward – Misclassification of employees as independent contractors; Department of Taxation to investigate.

HB 1431Mugler – Art and Architectural Review Board; changes number of member quorum.

HB 1541McQuinn – Central Virginia Transportation Authority; created.

SB 110Howell – Research and development tax credits; extends sunset date, aggregate caps.

SB 333Stuart – Uniform Statewide Building Code; security locking mechanisms.

SB 341Locke – Construction management and design-build contracting; use by state and local public bodies.

SB 368Bell – Virginia Public Procurement Act; architectural and professional engineering term contracts. (Position: SUPPORT)

SB 481Favola – Employees; earned sick leave, civil penalties.

SB 888McClellan – School Construction and Modernization, Commission on; established, report. (Position: ADVOCATE FOR SEAT)

SB 963Surovell – Commonwealth Efficient and Resilient Buildings Board; establishes. (Position: ADVOCATE FOR SEAT)


The following depicts the bills of interest to AIA Virginia that were introduced but were not successful: 

HB 24Lindsey – Hurricane and Flooding Risk Reduction and Bond Rating Protection Act of 2020; established, report.

HB 40Samirah – Public schools; mental health break spaces, regulations.

HB 84Fowler – Virginia Public Procurement Act; proposals to public higher educational institutions, disclosure.

HB 133Miyares – Virginia Public Procurement Act; professional and information technology project services contracts. (Position: OPPOSED)

HB 283Cole, J.G. – Highway construction and maintenance; time limitations.

HB 346Davis – Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; redefines “small business.”

HB 359Lopez – Virginia Public Procurement Act; consideration of best value concepts for construction services.

HB 364Cole, M.L. – Statewide prioritization process; project selection.

HB 382Convirs-Fowler – Virginia Shoreline Resiliency Fund; grant program.

HB 389Miyares – Hurricane and Flooding Risk Reduction and Bond Rating Protection Act of 2020; established, report.

HB 525Subramanyam – Greenhouse gas emissions; State Air Pollution Control Board to conduct a statewide inventory.

HB 601Freitas – Administrative Process Act; review of occupational regulations.

HB 685LaRock – Va Public Procurement Act; preference for contractors using automatic billing verification software.

HB 898Guzman – Employees; earned sick leave, civil penalties.

HB 953Ayala – STEAM programs; establishes STEAM Education Fund. (Position: SUPPORT)

HB 970LaRock – Transportation; use of funds.

HB 982Webert – Professions and occupations; licensure by endorsement. (Position: OPPOSED originally and then shifted to neutral when the patron agreed to our bill language amendment)

HB 1005Mullin – Uniform Statewide Building Code; exceptions, provisions, and modifications.

HB 1109Hudson – Income tax, corporate; combined reporting requirements, disclosures.

HB 1134Lopez – Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; redefines small business.

HB 1156Lopez – Historic rehabilitation; increases tax credit. (Position: SUPPORT)

HB 1274O’Quinn – School Construction Fund and Program; created and established.

HB 1364Hodges – Resource Protection Areas; improvement plans.

HB 1373Hodges – Flood Resiliency Clearing House Program; developed by Department of Conservation and Recreation.

HB 1377LaRock – Architectural and engineering contracts; certain localities.

HB 1389LaRock – Transportation funds; use of funds for projects.

HB 1488Hudson – Virginia Public Procurement Act; definitions, clarification of “best value.”

HB 1538Austin – Commonwealth Transportation Interstate 81 Corridor Bond Act of 2020; created.

HB 1650Ward – Small Business Procurement Enhancement Program; established, report.

HB 1709Heretick – Small businesses; definition to include LGBT-owned businesses.

HB 1714Wyatt – Transportation, Department of; design standards, modifications.

HB 1732Miyares – Uniform Statewide Building Code; installation of key boxes of high-risk structures.

HJ 67Orrock – Affordable housing; Virginia Housing Commission to study the definition.

SB 5Stanley – Board of Education; uniform minimum standards modern; public school buildings.

SB 6Stanley – Voter referendum; issuance of state general obligation bonds for school facility modernization.

SB 418Petersen – Virginia Public Procurement Act; cooperative procurement, construction.

SB 475Bell – Virginia Public Procurement Act; use of best value contracting.

SB 797Lewis – Uniform Statewide Building Code; exceptions, provisions, and modifications.

SB 829Stanley – Governor; authority to reinstate professional licenses.

SB 1061Petersen – C-PACE loans; residential dwellings and condominiums.

SB 1087Pillion – School Construction Fund and Program; created and established.

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them to Corey Clayborne, FAIA at