About: The AIA College of Fellows seeks to stimulate a sharing of interests among Fellows, promote the purposes of the Institute, advance the profession of architecture, mentor young architects, and be of ever-increasing service to society. The College of Fellows, founded in 1952, is composed of members of the Institute who are elected to Fellowship by a jury of their peers. Fellowship is one of the highest honors the AIA can bestow upon a member. Elevation to Fellowship not only recognizes the achievements of the architect as an individual but also elevates before the public and the profession those architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and to society.


Becoming a Fellow


  • AIA architect members who have been in good standing for at least 10 years may be nominated.
  • Nominees must have completed 10 cumulative years as an AIA architect member prior to the nomination deadline.
  • If uncertainties exist about the period of membership, and after consulting with the local chapter, please contact Membership History to verify the candidate’s eligibility prior to preparing the submission.

2017 “Demystifying Fellowship” presentation

Visit the AIA National website for a list of frequently asked questions about becoming a fellow.

College of Fellows – AIA Virginia members
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Carlton S. Abbott, FAIA
Samuel A. Anderson, FAIA Member Emeritus
Michel C. Ashe FAIA
Paul H. Barkley, FAIA Member Emeritus
Michael J. Bednar, FAIA Member Emeritus
Sanford Bond, FAIA
Peyton Boyd, FAIA
Robert A. Boynton, FAIA
John A. Burns, FAIA
James P. Clark, FAIA
Lawrence D. Cook, FAIA Member Emeritus
Mary Patton Cox, FAIA
Frederic H. Cox Jr., FAIA
William A. Cox, FAIA
Ronald O. Crawford, FAIA Member Emeritus
Albert J. Davis, FAIA
Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA
Donna W. Dunay, FAIA
Robert J. Dunay, FAIA
William A. Edgerton, FAIA
Dale R. Ellickson, FAIA Member Emeritus
Paul R. Erickson, FAIA
S. Michael Evans, FAIA
Harry M. Falconer Jr., FAIA, NCARB
Daniel J. Feil, FAIA
Michael T. Foster, FAIA
Lori Garrett, FAIA
W. Douglas Gilpin Jr., FAIA
Robert M. Gurney, FAIA
Willard E. Gwilliam, FAIA Member Emeritus
Alan L. Hansen, FAIA
Valerie J. Hassett, FAIA
David Jameson, FAIA
Dr. Timm Jamieson, FAIA Member Emeritus
Bruce M. Justice, FAIA
Thomas L. Kerns, FAIA
Ann R. Kosmal, FAIA
Elizabeth W. Lawson, FAIA Member Emeritus
William P. Lecky, FAIA Member Emeritus
David W. Look, FAIA Member Emeritus
Dr. Paula J. Loomis, FAIA, PhD, FSAME
Steven E. Loomis, FAIA
Robert Dale Lynch, FAIA Member Emeritus
Charles Matta, FAIA
William A. McDonough, FAIA
Hugh C. Miller, FAIA Member Emeritus
Robert S. Mills, FAIA
Robert W. Moje, FAIA
Kenneth L. Motley, FAIA Member Emeritus
John K. Mott, FAIA
David M. Oakland, FAIA
Wesley L. Page, FAIA
Nicholas A. Pappas, FAIA Member Emeritus
Sharon C. Park, FAIA
Donna M. Phaneuf, FAIA
Kathryn T. Prigmore, FAIA
Jane Cady Rathbone, FAIA
Elizabeth A. Reader, FAIA
M. Jack Rinehart Jr., FAIA Member Emeritus
James W. Ritter, FAIA
Ken Ross Jr., FAIA Member Emeritus
Edwin R. Schmidt, FAIA
Willard M. Scribner, FAIA
Nicholas P. Serfass, FAIA
Baird M. Smith, FAIA
Kevin G. Sneed, FAIA
John H. Spencer, FAIA Member Emeritus
Robert A. Steele, FAIA
Donald R. Sunshine, FAIA Member Emeritus
Charles E. Swartz, FAIA
Don A. Swofford, FAIA
M. Kirk Train, FAIA
Karen Van Lengen, FAIA
Robert L. Vickery, FAIA Member Emeritus
William F. Vosbeck, FAIA Member Emeritus
G.T. Ward, FAIA Member Emeritus
Hon. Robert E. Washington, FAIA Member Emeritus
Joseph J. Wisnewski, FAIA Member Emeritus