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Healthcare, Life Insurance, and Business Planning, Oh My!

AIA Virginia has created a strategic partnership with Chartwell Capital to provide you with individual consulting services and benefits you deserve. Chartwell’s wide variety of professional services – including benefits, customized solutions, and powerful strategies – are available exclusively to AIA members to meet your needs as a business, individual, or employee.

Chartwell Capital is committed to finding ways to help AIA Virginia members improve their quality of life and rest soundly at night. Please bookmark this website for easy access. As an AIA Virginia member, this is your personal tool and communication device that allows you to have direct access to us and to have us go to work for YOU to see if we can help you. Click on the topic that is of interest to you, and simply ask us for help.

Health Care Assessment

Are you interested in knowing what your health care costs and coverages are going to be when you get older and retire? We can provide you with a detailed assessment of these costs in any city that you choose to live. What does Medicare (Parts A, B, C and D) cover and how much does it cost? What will be your out-of-pocket expense? To inquire, click here: We will send you a few questions to answer and within 3 days, we will provide you with a detailed Health Care Assessment.

Interested in having your existing life insurance policy appraised?

Click this link to view a video

Have you made any plans to maximize the value of your existing architecture business?

Click this link to view a video

We are here to help you with whatever needs you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask a question.

View the AIA Virginia Benefits Package

Rob Smith
Chartwell Capital Advisors
Robert C. Smith, PLC
The Branch House
2501 Monument Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23220
(804) 357-5977

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New Architects

We understand the dedication and effort required to study for and pass the ARE. Congratulations to the following members for passing their exams and gaining licensure. This is great news that thrills all of us and we are so proud to call you architects!

Mr. Harrison W. Blair II, AIA
Mr. Christopher M. Cromer, AIA
Mr. Theodore Welby Lehman, AIA
Mr. Joshua E. Rubbelke, AIA
Michael A. Travis, AIA
Mrs. Abigail W. Watson, AIA

Have you recently passed the ARE? Please send an email to your Member Services Director, Cathy Guske, to upgrade your membership and be featured in the next newsletter.

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New Members

We are always excited to welcome new members to Virginia. The following members recently joined the ranks of AIA Virginia.

New Architect Members

William Abrahamson, AIA (VACN)
Mr. Jose C. Dasilva Guerreiro, AIA (VANO)

New Associate Members

Zeid Adiyeh, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Mr. John P. Cohen, Assoc. AIA (VAHR)
Mr. Isaiah S. Felton, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Mr. Jaylon Floyd, Assoc. AIA (VAHR)
Mr. Brandon R. Froehlich, Assoc. AIA (VAHR)
Mr. Ricardo Garcia, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Mr. Brent Grizzle, Assoc. AIA (VAJR)
Mr. Zijing Liu, Assoc. AIA (VAHR)
Ms. Malayne Matherne, Assoc. AIA (VAHR)
Mr. Claudio Oddo, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Mr. Jon Schluenz, Assoc. AIA (VACN)
Mr. Ron Stewart, Assoc. AIA (VAHR)
Terri Lynn Wolfe, Assoc. AIA (VABR)

Transferred In

Mr. Larry R. Travis Jr., Assoc. AIA from AIA DC (VANO)
Mr. Pablo Penades Lopez, Assoc. AIA from AIA Maryland (VANO)

New/Renewed Allied Members

Jimmy Keith, President, Keith Fabry Reprographic Solutions
Brandon Wood, Pace Collaborative
John Dunlap, Dunlap & Partners Engineers
Suzanne Green, Principal/Business Development, Helfrich
Deb Brown, Business Development, Allied Concrete Products

View all of the AIA Virginia Allied members

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2018 Officers Elected

During AIA Virginia’s Annual Meeting of the Membership on Nov. 2, 2017, the following officers were unanimously elected to serve on the 2018 Board of Directors:

  • President: Eric Keplinger, AIA (AIA HR)
  • President-Elect: Rob Reis, AIA (AIA HR)
  • Past President: Bill Brown, AIA (AIA NV)
  • Secretary: Jeanne Lefever, AIA (AIA R)
  • Treasurer: Mitch Rowland, AIA (AIA R)
  • VP of Government Advocacy: Sean Reilly, AIA (AIA NV)
  • VP of Professional Excellence: Lynden Garland, AIA (AIA R)
  • VP of Member Services: Dan Zimmerman, AIA (AIA CV)
  • VP of Communications and Outreach: Beth Reader, FAIA (AIA NV)

The following person was elected as the 2018 Associate Director:

  • Associate Director: Gina Robinson, Assoc. AIA (AIA NV)

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Honored to Serve

Honored to Serve

As we came together at the 30th Architectural Exchange East, I realized my tenure as president was coming to an end. I thank you for the privilege of serving AIA Virginia in this capacity. Looking back, we have accomplished much with the creation of our

2017 AIA Virginia President Bill Brown, AIA

strategic plan in 2016, aligning our governance around that living document, bringing in our new Executive Vice President Corey Clayborne, AIA, initiating the inaugural Art of Practice and focusing on the member experience. These, among other accomplishments, are all thanks to our amazing AIA Virginia staff and engaged board of directors.

A few new initiatives that were shared at our annual membership meeting at ArchEx included the following;

Meeting of the Roundtables

The Large Firm Roundtable has been in existence for three years at AIA Virginia which commenced under the leadership of Nick Vlattas, AIA. In March of 2017, AIA Virginia extended these discussions to include Small Firm and Mid-Size Firms at the Art of Practice and called it the Meeting of the Roundtables. The second Meeting of the Roundtables occurred November 1 at The Branch with 40 current and emerging firm leaders representing 27 different Virginia firms. Ed Gillikin, AIA chaired the SFRT, Maggie Schubert, AIA chaired the MFRT and the Art of Practice (that was held this past spring), and Paul Battaglia chaired the LFRT. AIA Virginia Officer-in-Charge was President-Elect Eric Keplinger, AIA. Facilitated discussions and valuable ideas were exchanged regarding the following:

  • Attracting and retaining talent during economic prosperity
  • Coping with not having the “Missing Middle” in the profession
  • Approaches to getting new work and building backlog, efficiently executing current work profitably, and then collection of earned revenue
  • Other emerging topics of relevance

We will encourage members to continue to engage in these worthwhile firm roundtable discussions with peers in the profession.

Emerging Leaders in Architecture

We thank Brian Frickie, AIA for pursuing his vision of creating a leadership program for Virginia. The profession of architecture and the communities in Virginia have reaped tremendous benefits because of this program. The inaugural class was in 2009 and we are embarking on the 10th year! A focus group of ELA alumni and stakeholders are currently evaluating how a new leadership structure will be organized.  As he steps down from leading this program, Brian has agreed to help with the transition process which will be vital to the continued success of the program. The transition process started with a Visioning Session that was held at The Branch on September 15. A follow-on professionally facilitated planning meeting will be held at The Branch on November 10. Applications for the 2018 ELA class must be submitted by November 16. Please consider investing in emerging talent within your firm through applying for this exceptional program


Natural disasters have been occurring with increased frequency in the United States. After Hurricane Harvey pummeled Houston, our hearts went out to the flood victims. AIA Virginia Board of Directors donated a total of $1,000 divided amongst several organizations as recommended and supported by AIA National. Our colleagues in AIA Houston took a severe blow as its new office space and center that was under construction was flooded and carries a $100,000 deductible for the contractor’s risk policy.

The AIA Virginia board of directors is supporting Paula Loomis, FAIA in reinvigorating AIA Virginia’s disaster assistance program that would partner with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management. This key initiative is in the beginning stages and Paula Loomis conducted a presentation at this conference at ArchEx. Keep an ear out for developing news on this important front.

In closing, since we elected the new slate of officers for 2018 at our annual membership meeting, I see the future of our organization as healthy, sustainable and led by passionate individuals who are committed to fulfilling our strategic plan. Know that I will stay engaged as past president to assist our organization to accomplish the initiatives that further enhance our members in the practice of architecture in the Commonwealth.

Thank you,

Bill Brown, AIA
2017 President

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Honors and Design Awards Presented at Visions 2017

The AIA Virginia Awards for Excellence in Architecture and Honor Awards were presented Nov. 3 at the 2017 Visions for Architecture gala at the Hotel John Marshall.

All photos by Dan Currier

AIA Virginia 2017 Honors Video Presentation

AIA Virginia 2017 Awards for Excellence in Architecture Video Presentation

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Why I Attend ArchEx

This will be my first Architecture Exchange East as your Executive Vice President and Servant-In-Chief.  As a practitioner and firm leader, I attended this conference roughly a dozen times.

As I write this article, I ask myself, “Why did I attend?”

Was it the continuing education? The keynote speaker? The networking and fellowship?

Corey Clayborne, AIA

For me, the conference served as an architectural family reunion. I was provided the opportunity to see my closest friends and colleagues from around the Commonwealth and our universities at this designated time of year. I’ve sat at Penny Lane howling in laughter until my eyes welled up with tears.  We joked about local AIA events that we had planned before where attendance woefully missed our expectations. It wasn’t funny when it happened but it sure is comical now. Anyone who has served in the AIA has likely experienced this phenomenon. Or we imitated, in good fun, those unique personalities that may have crossed our paths in the profession. Including clients. Heck, we even used ourselves as ammunition for jokes. And then someone would inquire, “You all want one more round?!” Knowing you signed up for a 7:00 seminar early the next morning, you should probably take your hind-parts to bed, but you would stay out a little longer and succumb to the peer pressure.

I get it. Your answer may be different than mine. But we all have our reasons for attending. The goal of the AIA Virginia Board of Directors and staff is to continue to strive for greater excellence each year with this production.

So, let me take a moment to share what we are doing special this year.

First, we have invested significantly into our future generation and emerging professionals this year. For the first time ever, AIA Virginia has partnered with AIAS National to produce a one-day continuing education track specifically crafted for students. A number of AIA Virginia highly-regarded firm principals and leaders will volunteer their expertise to share today’s best practices on portfolio preparation, getting hired, successfully integrating into a firm upon graduation, and so forth in an effort to better prepare the candidates you will be hiring. Also for the first time, AIA Virginia has offered registration promotions to members that include complimentary registrations for Associate members. And let’s not forget the prosecco toast planned for our newly licensed architects.

Secondly, we have diversified the continuing education experience to capture unique opportunities not available online or at lunch and learns. Historically, AIA Virginia only had a Large-Firm Roundtable (LFRT) that facilitated dialogue amongst firm leaders on issues faced in practice such as equity and diversity, leadership development, and firm culture. These roundtable discussions have now been extended to include Small-Firms (SFRT) and Mid-Size Firms (MFRT) and will be held at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design. Our tours this year will include Stone Brewing and VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art designed by Steven Holl Architects. We have nearly 70 vendors that are ready to show you the latest products in the market. The keynote speaker and CEO of Architizer, Marc Kushner, AIA is one of the highest rated TED speakers in the world and his talk is going to blow you away.

Lastly, we will continue to provide opportunities to let your hair down and enjoy your time in fellowship with your peers. This year at CONNECTIONS, we will be joined by our conference partners, American Society of Landscape Architects. Representatives from Preservation Virginia and Associated General Contractors (AGC) are also expected to be in attendance. This will afford you the chance to build relationships with non-architect partners that have a role in shaping the built environment. Virginia Tech will host its annual alumni party which is always a joyous time and groups like the Emerging Leaders in Architecture and Women in Design continue to host their annual dinners.

The conference is capped with our Visions for Architecture gala that celebrates our Honors and Awards winners at the Hotel John Marshall. We will get cleaned up, maybe shave, eat great food, and dance like no one is watching as the DJ spins classic jams that take us to “back-in-the-day” memories. We will be joined at the gala by our 2017 AIA National President, Thomas Vonier, FAIA.  A tremendous honor indeed.

So, in closing, the question is “Why do you attend Architecture Exchange East?” Email me at and let me know. If you were not planning to attend, I am hopeful you will consider giving it a try. At least for one day. You’ve worked hard all year. Invest in yourself for the sake of personal and career growth while escaping the four walls of your office for just a moment. Believe me, your clients want that too.

I look forward to seeing you in November.

Register for ArchEx 2017>>

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New Members

We are always excited to welcome new members to Virginia. The following members recently joined the ranks of AIA Virginia.

New Architect Members

Mr. Christopher E. Boone, AIA (VANO)
Mrs. Christine M. Carlson, AIA (VAHR)
Mr. Carlos E. Coello, AIA (VANO)
Mr. John R. Gass, AIA (VAJR)

New Associate Members

Mr. Jeisson Apolo Armas, Assoc. AIA (VAJR)
Mr. Mahamudul Hasan Asif, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Mr. Joshua Basham, Assoc. AIA (VABR)
Ms. Makayla Bellamy, Assoc. AIA (VACN)
Ms. Rebecca Costanzo, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Miss Melissa M. Donnelly, Assoc. AIA (VAJR)
Mrs. Helen F. Jadlowski, Assoc. AIA (VABR)
Kristin Jones, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Mr. Amos Kalua, Assoc. AIA (VABR)
Mr. Kyle LaBarre, Assoc. AIA (VABR)
Miss Marika A. Meinen, Assoc. AIA (VANO)
Mr. Daniel C. Murrow, Assoc. AIA (VAJR)
Mr. Quintin Potter, Assoc. AIA (VABR)
Mr. Jeffrey M. Rynes, Assoc. AIA (VABR)

Transferred In

Mr. James M. Pociluyko AIA from AIA Missouri (VAHR)

New/Renewed Allied Members

David Mykins, President, Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers, PC
George Kyriacou, VP Architectural Division, MARVA The Galleria of Stone
Andrew Kassoff, President, EEE Consulting, Inc.
Kenneth Nassif, Principal, Alliance Consulting Group
Jonathan Nystrom, Nycom, Inc.
Peter Kienle, AEC Advisor/Trainer, Kienle Communications, LLC
Amy Hegarty, Principal, Foodservice Consultants Studio

View all of the AIA Virginia Allied members

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Annual Meeting and Slate of Officers Announced

Hear about vital developments with your professional society, elect officers and conduct other business at the AIA Virginia Annual Meeting of the Membership. The meeting will be held during Architecture Exchange East at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on Thursday, Nov. 2 at 1 p.m. in room E21c. There is no charge to attend the Membership Meeting.

Meeting Agenda>>
Meeting Minutes from June 16, 2017>>
Meeting Minutes from Nov. 3, 2016>
Motion to Update Bylaws>>

The 2017 nominating committee has placed the following members in nomination for 2018:

  • President: Eric Keplinger, AIA (AIA HR)
  • President-Elect: Rob Reis, AIA (AIA HR)
  • Past President: Bill Brown, AIA (AIA NV)
  • Secretary: Jeanne Lefever, AIA (AIA R)
  • Treasurer: Mitch Rowland, AIA (AIA R)
  • VP of Government Advocacy: Sean Reilly, AIA (AIA NV)
  • VP of Professional Excellence: Lynden Garland, AIA (AIA R)
  • VP of Member Services: Dan Zimmerman, AIA (AIA CV)
  • VP of Communications and Outreach: Beth Reader, FAIA (AIA NV)

The following nominee is presented as the 2018 Associate Director:

  • Associate Director: Gina Robinson, Assoc. AIA (AIA NV)

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Bierce, Galvin and Loomis Honored for Distinguished Achievement

Richard Bierce, AIA, Kathleen Galvin, AIA, and Paula Loomis, FAIA, will be recognized with the Award for Distinguished Achievement at the Visions for Architecture gala on Friday, Nov. 3, 2017, at the Hotel John Marshall. The Award for Distinguished Achievement signals distinguished achievement by an architect in any one of the following categories: design, practice, education, service as “citizen architect” and service to the profession; and thus may serve as an accolade for the work of an entire career or recognize the current accomplishments of a younger leader.

C. Richard Bierce, AIA

An architect and preservation consultant, Richard Bierce has dedicated his career to the preservation of Virginia’s rich architectural legacy. From serving as Alexandria’s historic resources director to a decade’s tenure with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to his own consultancy, his efforts on behalf of many of the Commonwealth’s historic treasures have had immeasurable impact.

Bierce has studied and documented individual buildings to develop thoughtful interventions that preserve their integrity and allow their continued use in the 21st century. He has inventoried and evaluated entire neighborhoods, and once listed, has protected them through written design guidelines. Not only do clients and their buildings benefit from his restoration expertise, but his public service record, beginning with the Peace Corps, has continued throughout his career, providing a lasting benefit to the Commonwealth and many local communities through his advocacy in numerous preservation organizations.


Kathy Galvin, AIA

Kathleen Galvin, principal at Galvin Architects, has devoted more than three decades to smart growth management, equitable redevelopment, and creative place-making. Her urban design projects across the Commonwealth have benefited Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Orange, Mt. Jackson, Gordonsville, and Crozet. Nominators cited her talent to build consensus and to introduce others to the value of sensitive design thinking and problem-solving.

Currently serving her second term as a Charlottesville city councilor, Galvin is recognized as a solid voice of thoughtful reason and an advocate for city zoning that is inclusive and sensitive to the current residents of her city. She has championed urban design and infrastructure improvement projects, multi-modal street standards, sustainable building design and transformative community revitalization efforts to close academic achievement and wealth creation disparities in Charlottesville’s neighborhoods. The City’s Strategic Investment Area (SIA), a revitalization and redevelopment plan for a former industrial area south of downtown, was her vision and initiative. The SIA has been recognized with numerous awards and is now being implemented.


Paula Loomis, FAIA

Throughout her career as both a military and civilian public architect, Dr. Paula Loomis has emphasized the importance of public architecture and the value of quality design in public buildings and places. Her service to the profession ranges from chapter to national level. As the Hampton Roads AIA president, Loomis encouraged the successful redevelopment of Norfolk’s Granby Street and initiated efforts to enhance public transportation in the region. She has also stood at the forefront of design excellence in the military services. As the base architect at Langley Air Force Base, for example, Loomis developed base architectural standards that returned Langley to its Tudor-Gothic roots. She went on to create standards for all Air Combat Command bases, as well as for other major commands, more recently incorporating sustainability requirements.

Her work on the national AIA Resiliency Committee led to her involvement in the Hampton Roads Sea Level Rise Preparedness and Resilience Intergovernmental Planning Pilot Project; she is now helping to re-start the Virginia Resilience Task Force so the Commonwealth can prepare for disasters. Serving on AIA’s Federal Acquisition Task Group (FATG), Loomis researched federal procedures to help make contracting easier for architecture/engineering firms – a benefit to many architects across Virginia.

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    Kenney Payne’s explanation of Mods. Otherwise, known as code modifications as found in the 2012 Virginia Construction Code Section 106.3.

Virginia Accord

  • The Virginia Accord

    Bringing together the planning and design disciplines to examine two key themes critical to the future — job creation and environmental sustainability — on Sept. 19-20, 2014 at the Virginia Accord.