Board & Staff

AIA Virginia Board of Directors

Eric Keplinger, AIA

First Vice President/ President-Elect
Robert V. Reis, AIA

Vice President/ Communications & Outreach
Elizabeth A. Reader, FAIA

Vice President/ Government Advocacy
Sean E. Reilly, AIA

Vice President/ Professional Excellence
Lynden Garland, AIA

Vice President/ Member Services
Daniel Zimmerman, AIA

S. Jeanne LeFever, AIA

J. Mitchell Rowland, III, AIA

Immediate Past President
William T. Brown, AIA

Executive Vice President
R. Corey Clayborne


Scott Boyce, AIA

John A. Burns, FAIA

Karen M. Conkey, AIA

Phoebe A. Crisman, AIA
Ex-officio University of Virginia

Robert Dunay, FAIA
Ex-Officio Virginia Tech

Robert Easter, AIA
Ex-officio Hampton University

Spencer E. Lepler, AIA

Liz Sloan, AIA

Randall A. Mars, AIA

Gina A. Robinson, Assoc. AIA

Thomas (Tee) Ellis, AIA

Husain Alam, AIA

Lou Wolf, AIA

Eliza Beth Engle, AIA

Kevin G. Sneed, FAIA

Anca Lipan, AIA

Rachel Shelton, AIA


AIA Virginia Staff

Executive Vice President
R. Corey Clayborne, AIA

Managing Director
Rhea George, Hon. AIA Virginia

Director of Finance
Keesha Ezell

Director of Sales
Judy S. Cheadle

Member Services Director
Cathy Guske, Hon. AIA Virginia

Edward Nace

Communications Coordinator
Olivia Jennings



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Professional Development News

Government Advocacy News

  • Not-So-Good PAC Fact

    Our voice is only a whisper at the table because the PACs of chicken farmers dwarf ours.

Virginia Accord

  • The Virginia Accord

    Bringing together the planning and design disciplines to examine two key themes critical to the future — job creation and environmental sustainability — on Sept. 19-20, 2014 at the Virginia Accord.