What is the AIA dues cycle?
Membership dues are calculated on a calendar year, January to December. Payments are due by January 15. Look for your renewal letter in October of the year prior. Dues for new members are prorated quarterly.

How am I assigned to a chapter?
Chapter affiliation is assigned by ZIP code based on the home or work address that you selected as your preferred address on your AIA application.

How do I update my contact information?

You can update your contact information by logging in using your primary AIA.org email address and password and updating the information.

I recently passed the ARE, how do I upgrade my membership?
You can upgrade your membership to Architect by completing the Associate to Architect Form.

Am I eligible for Emeritus membership?
You are eligible for Emeritus status if you have been in good standing in the Institute for fifteen successive years or 25 cumulative years prior to your application, and you have either attained the age of 70, and are retired from the profession of architecture, or you are so incapacitated and are unable to work in the profession. To apply for emeritus status, complete the Architect to Emeritus Form.

How do I transfer my membership?
If you have recently moved, remember to transfer your membership. Send in the Transfer Form.

When is the annual meeting?
The annual meeting takes place each year, during November, at Architecture Exchange East in Richmond, Virginia. This event is free and registration is not required. An electronic notice announcing the meeting will be sent each year to all members. Since 2015, a virtual membership meeting has occurred in June and members can join electronically to hear about important updates and information about your society.

Can I join the AIA Virginia without joining the national and local level?

Membership in the AIA for Architect and Associate members is a three-tiered organization, requiring membership at each level. Allied membership works a little differently. Allied members are not required to join at the national level, but can join multiple chapters.

What are supplemental dues and do I have to pay?
In response to member requests, the mandatory payment of supplemental dues is being eliminated! I’m pleased to inform you that supplemental dues will be phased out over a four-year period, beginning with architect members in 2017, associate members in 2018, non-member architects in 2019, and finally, other technical staff in 2020. Our goal is to strengthen our vibrancy as a non-profit membership organization and eliminating supplemental dues is a bold step in that direction.

While this transition will be a great one for our members, the loss of revenue for AIA Virginia is significant. It will be managed by relying on reductions in operational overhead and programming, along with modest increases in numbers of members and sponsorship support. We also hope that firms who have paid supplemental dues in the past might voluntarily reinvest these funds in the programs and events that are most valuable to them.

Please take a moment to show your support by submitting your information and payment if applicable. Access the online form and select the appropriate options. When you’ve finalized the form, simply click on the submit button. We ask that all architect members complete the online form, even if you do not owe a payment.

How is the AIA Virginia governed? 

The AIA Virginia bylaws and rules of the board define how the organization is governed. Changes to the bylaws can be recommended by the board, but can only be implemented by a vote of the membership. The board is made of directors and officers. Directors are nominated to the board by Virginia’s five chapters. There is also one director representing all of Virginia’s accredited architecture programs and one representing associate members. Officers are elected each year at the annual meeting.

Have more questions? Check the AIA site here or email Member Services Director, Cathy Guske.