Through the AIA Virginia PAC, we support candidates who understand the architecture profession. When these candidates win, they bring that understanding to the General Assembly and to issues that are important us and the built environment.

Our policy makers and politicians are the stewards of our built infrastructure. The work that they do impacts the work that we do in so many ways. Every day, they’re called upon to make important decisions that impact the design of our communities — procurement, funding, zoning, transportation, preservation, taxation.

They need our advice. Architects and designers are perfectly positioned to be the authoritative resource for design, building, resiliency, sustainability and related policy issues. If legislators aren’t getting advice from us, they’ll be getting it from
someone else.

A strong PAC is critical to our advocacy efforts and is completely funded by donations from members just like you. Remember: membership dues will never be used to support a political candidate.

Please give today.


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