Running an election campaign is expensive.  In between and during the legislative sessions, AIA Virginia engages legislators to tell them what we think about legislation affecting limitations of liability, open-space planning, historic renovation tax credits, universal building codes, sustainability, statutes of repose, basically the entire spectrum of an architect’s practice.

Member Architect Bill Brown, AIA met with legislator David Bulova in June 2010

Architect member Bill Brown, AIA, met with legislator David Bulova in June 2010.

When the legislators understand what architects support and why, more often than not, they support the architects.  To keep this relationship active, they need to be elected and then re-elected.  To do that, they need support financially.  Having legislators who understand the architecture profession benefits AIA Virginia members.  It benefits you.

Support your profession.  Support your firm.  Support your practice.  Contribute to the AIA Virginia Political Action Committee. Contribute online>> Contributions may be made by personal or corporate checks for state elections in Virginia. Contributions made early have more effect and are remembered longer than those made later in the campaign. Your practice and your profession need your support. For more information, contact Rhea George, at (804) 237-1768. Mail your check (payable to AIAVA PAC) to AIA Virginia, 2501 Monument Avenue, Richmond, VA 23220.

AIA Virginia and its legislative counsel decide which candidates to support with these contributions. The PAC supports candidates for statewide office, the House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate who understand the profession and support its missions. It cannot support candidates for federal office.

For detailed information on donations made to the AIA Virginia PAC of more than $100 and to view the PAC’s contributions to candidates, visit Over time, the figures show a balanced record of support between candidates of the two major parties. This is because AIA Virginia supports candidates without regard to party.

Support is contingent upon only a few factors:

  • membership on committees that review bills affecting the profession (General Laws, for example)
  • holding a leadership position (majority leader, minority leader, or speaker, for example)
  • recommendations from membership
  • understanding of and empathy for the profession’s interests

Individuals are encouraged to participate in the PAC by contributing the equivalent of one billable hour annually.  Firms are encouraged to show an example for their employees by contributing at a level equal to their employees.

Contribute to the AIAVA PAC today.

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