AIA Virginia uses the collective power of its membership to actively participate in the legislative and regulatory policy-making process.  We work to position architects as vital contributors to our built environment and to equip, empower, and enable members to lead. We advocate for policies that are in alignment with the principles of the Virginia Accord and that drive the design of healthy and vibrant local communities. Here are just a few things we do on your behalf:

  • We fight for fair state laws and regulations regarding the built environment.
  • We work to educate Virginia legislators about the complicated issues surrounding the practice of architecture: building codes, qualifications-based selection, statutes of repose, historic tax credits, growth management, historic preservation, and more.
  • We propose state regulations that benefit the practice of architecture.
  • We position architects as leaders in the community through recommendations for gubernatorial appointments.
  • We provide comments and recommendations on statewide codes and regulations.
  • We track and provide you with updates on legislation of interest to architects.
  • We sponsor a Political Action Committee that supports legislators (on a non-partisan basis) who have been identified as friends of the profession.
  • We encourage Citizen Architects by supporting volunteer, elected, and appointed leadership service within government, civic and charitable organizations.

Learn more about our public positions and policies.

Interested in finding out how to get involved in advocacy efforts? Contact Paul Battaglia, AIA.