Where did you go to college?
The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

Would you recommend studying architecture to a young person?
Yes, if they understand the length of study and the rigor required to make it all the way through to licensure.

What does it take to be an architect?
Creativity, organization, problem-solving, math and spatial awareness, persistence and a collaborative spirit

Was there an architect that particularly inspired you?
Not in a personal sense like a mentor, but I was very interested in the ca. 1930s architecture – between the wars- such as Art Deco, Art Moderne, De Stijl, etc.

What are you currently reading?
Daniel Silva’s Black Widow (spy novel, part of the Gabriel Allon series)

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
7-course lunch in Provence near Les Baux, France

Why do you volunteer with the AIA?
It’s important to share our expertise with others, including the up and coming, along with networking within the profession