Where did you go to college?
I graduated from Vassar College in Psychology and then graduated from architecture school at Columbia University where I received my March.

Would you recommend studying architecture to a young person?
There isn’t a better or more urgent time to be crafting the future of the built environment than now. We live in a fast-changing world in which the emerging changes and modifications to our physical environments are of the utmost importance to the health of our planet.
Yes, I would recommend the broad fields of architecture, planning, and design to all people who want to make a difference in our world.

What does it take to be an architect?
Positive and creative thinking and the will to dream

Was there an architect that particularly inspired you?
So many that it is difficult to say only one- I find inspiring projects in so many places – many very modest but all with the idea of housing hopeful themes and events.

What are you currently reading?
Architectural Aesthetic Speculations by Michael Jasper

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?
Any meal made by my husband Jim Welty

Why do you volunteer with the AIA?
It is the way in which architects can communicate, develop and know one another while also building a better profession.