Between Oct. 2 and Nov. 6, the profession came together online for a dynamic exploration of design and to celebrate the people and organizations that shape our world. Let us know what you thought about the program by completing this survey.

In an exciting development, we had more attendees than 2019 – and our audience was more demographically diverse across almost every measure.

Here are a few highlights from the programs.

Architecture Exchange East

ArchEx took place over 3 days in November. Day one explored issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Day two did a deep dive into the steps designers must take to address the climate crisis. And, on the last day, we explored the future of the profession through the economy, research, robotics, and resilience.

Ace Callwood’s Designing a Sustainable DEI Program
Non-Profit Architecture with General Architecture Collaborative
Ed Mazria’s Doing the BIG Things Together
2030 Firm Panel Discussion
Kermit Baker’s Predictions for the Economy
Brian Ringley’s Boston Dynamics and Robotics
Vanessa Abin’s Design Research in Practice
Stephen Van Dyke with LMN
Andrea Love with Payette

Design Forum: In Praise of Shadows

The long-awaited Design Forum kicked off with an incredible virtual tour of VCU’s Institute of Contemporary Art on Oct. 29 and was followed by a day-long symposium on light and shadow in design on Nov. 5 headlined by Steven Holl. Although virtual, the program felt somehow intimate.

Visions for Architecture

On Oct. 8, we celebrated the achievements of those whose work makes especially strong contributions to society though our Honors Awards as well as the winners of our Design Awards program. For the first time, we announced them live at the event. The program also raised $7,000 for the Hampton University Scholarship campaign – and we’d love to raise even more! Please consider making a gift as part of your year-end giving.

YAFCON 2020: The Empathic Architect

Curated by emerging professionals from around the state, YAFCON convened a series of engaging conversations about designing with empathy and practicing with intentionality throughout the last week of October.