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AIA Virginia Historic Resources Committee

We're reinvigorating AIA Virginia's HRC. Please let us know if you're interested in getting involved in the planning committee.

Amber Book Payment

Congratulations in being a part of our First Class of 25 regarding achieving licensure through our Amber Book partnership. In light of COVID-19, we had temporarily suspended the program with Prometric centers being closed. Now, in light of recent information, we believe that the program can successfully continue and get you licensed expeditiously.

Please remember the original tenants of the program:

  1. The Amber Book will only be accessible for a two-month period. I will give you your personalized access code after you pay the commitment fee.
  2. Submit your payment of $50 online to AIA Virginia. This is the commitment fee. The regular cost for Amber Book as an individual is $390 per month which would total $780. One way to look at this is that this deal pays for two years of AIA Associate membership.
  3. You must commit to registering for all of your ARE exams within 30 days after the Amber Book enrollment ends.
  4. Send AIA Virginia a screenshot proving you have registered for all of your exams.
  5. Let us know how many exams you pass on your first shot. You are our success story!

Please contact me, with any questions or concerns you may have.

Amber Book Payment

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  • American Express

Member Insights Report

Member Insights Report

Insights gained from member calls May 2020 during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Mentorship Interest (graduate)

Mentorship Interest 2020 Graduate

At AIA Virginia, we know that you are facing unprecedented challenges as you graduate and enter the architecture profession. If you would like an architect to talk to about these challenges, please sign-up below.
  • To help us match you with a mentor, tell us about the kinds of design you are interested in or about your thesis topic.
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Mentorship Interest (member)

The 2020 graduating class from Virginia architecture schools is facing unprecedented challenges as they enter the workforce. If you would like to mentor a student and encourage them as they start in the profession, please sign-up below. Our expectation is that you would connect with an assigned graduate 2x a month to keep these young professionals engaged and connected to the profession.

Desired Outcomes

  • Through these forged relationships, keep recent graduates engaged in the profession of architecture during the recovery phase of a global pandemic and troubled economy
  • Assuming personality chemistry is formed, these relationships become long-term friendships which is beneficial for career growth and exposure to career opportunities
  • Good people know good people. Through these relationships, expose these emerging professionals to other AIA members thus expanding their professional network
  • Keep recent architecture graduates in Virginia so that the profession and our own communities can reap the benefits of their contributions and leadership

Mentorship Interest FAIA/AIA Member

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