A Quick Trip Through the Annual Conference

There is “good trouble”, and there is also “good tired”.

Good tired is how I felt right after AIA24.  Like all substantial events, I enjoyed both the content and the connections.  I enjoyed the stimulus of the sessions and the keynotes. I enjoyed the technology and the innovation of the expo. I enjoyed a great number of social events – including the tremendously pleasant AIA Virginia reception at VMDO|DC (Thank you to VMDO for hosting us and to all of you who made it out). And I enjoyed the journeys between those intentional destinations, which were pleasantly punctuated by opportunistic encounters with friends, fellow members, and former colleagues, classmates, and students. (I’ve enjoyed how the lines between those categories have blurred over the years.)

The fatigue has subsided – or at least it is now attributable to other causes. Satisfaction and gratitude remain. There are a lot of great people in our organization. My confidence in our colleagues and our members has been refreshed. There are challenges to be faced. (We even recognize some of them.) But I am convinced that we will overcome those challenges – together; and I know that there is, and will continue to be, much to celebrate along the way.

We are left to look forward to Boston. And I hope to see you several times in and around our own Commonwealth between now and then.

Back at it! We’ll rest when we’re dead. Be well.

Paul Battaglia, AIA
Executive Vice President