Delegate Betsy Carr and Style Weekly Magazine will be recognized with AIA Virginia Honors at the Visions for Architecture gala on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. AIA Virginia Honors may be bestowed on non-member individuals or organizations that have inspired, influenced, or complemented the architecture profession in Virginia through practice of an allied profession, research, education, planning, legislation, architectural writing, the arts, or crafts.

Delegate Betsy B. Carr serves portions of the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County in the Virginia House of Delegates. A member of the House since 2009, Delegate Carr is focused on improving education, healthcare and preserving our environment. In the House of Delegates she serves on the Appropriations, Transportation, General Laws, and Rules Committees. She also serves on the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, the Commission on Employee Retirement Security and Pension Reform, the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Commission, and the Virginia Housing Commission. She is Treasurer of the House Democratic Caucus.

During the 2018 General Assembly, Delegate Carr successfully championed HB 590 and HB 591. These two pieces of legislation will make it easier for land banks and land trusts to acquire property that they can develop and ensure that the property then remains affordable in the long term. It is this type of legislative action that creates sustainable and diverse communities.

As a member of the House General Laws Committee, Delegate Carr is a vital partner in AIA Virginia’s Government Advocacy efforts. Most legislative proposals that impact our profession navigate through this Committee. During these moments, Delegate Carr has engaged in numerous conversations with AIA Virginia seeking our position and counsel. Because of the profession’s relationship with Delegate Carr, we have every reason to be optimistic in building a “Blueprint for Better Communities”.

For more than a quarter-century, Style Weekly has both promoted and critiqued the works of the architects of Virginia, and in the process, heightened the awareness among the general public as to the importance and impact of good design.

Since 1992, Style Weekly, principally through the writings of its architecture critic Edwin Slipek, has provided in depth writing on individual buildings, individual architects, firms and architectural trends and styles that have lauded good design, and duly criticized those designs that have not met the highest standards. Readers (many architects among them) may not always agree with the magazine’s position, but its articles are sure to generate discussions regarding the built environment that otherwise would likely not have occurred.

For the 26 years of its publication history, Style Weekly, through print and its website, has been the only general news outlet in Virginia to provide regular and continuous coverage of the fields of architecture, design, planning, and historic preservation specific to the Commonwealth. The magazine’s base of operations, the City of Richmond, has a long and deeply valued architectural history. Style’s writers have achieved a sustained record of appreciating the City’s architectural past, while strongly promoting a contextual, yet diverse and appropriate future.