This year, we’ve organized our carefully-curated program for Architecture Exchange East into learning zones. You can pick and choose sessions from any of the zones or do a deep dive into a particular theme.

Join us in our Practice Zone to focus your ArchEx experience on practice management. In this zone, you’ll discuss practice management methods and explore the topic of firm culture.

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All ArchEx seminars offer 1 AIA/CES learning unit unless otherwise noted in the agenda.


04: AIA Virginia Firm Roundtables
Leaders from various firm sizes come together to discuss pertinent practice topics in a structured and facilitated format. 


50: Why Should I Choose You?
There’s one question you’re faced with every day that matters above all else: Why should I choose you? It’s the most difficult question to answer and it comes from three directions: business development; employee experience; and customer experience.

103: Building Belonging: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
How do you foster a diverse firm culture where every individual feels empowered to contribute? Hear from leaders whose organizations have devised and implemented a strategy to build and sustain a culture that celebrates human differences.

203: The Missing Middle: Surviving the Mid-Career Phase
Engage in an open dialogue on firm culture, the recession, and the art of delegating. Discuss firm culture, work/life balance, time management, goal setting, and mentorship. Emerging professionals, mid-career professionals, and firm leaders are all welcome.  

303: Building a Cohesive Firm Culture Across Offices
Quinn Evans Architects has expanded rapidly in the past few years, having merged with both Baltimore’s Cho Benn Holback + Associates and Richmond’s BCWH since 2017. The directors of QEA’s Richmond, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, offices will discuss their experience with the mergers and their impacts on firm culture.


404: The Culture of Value
Understanding key points such as building a management team, building a client base, building a growth strategy for the firm and individuals, and effective financial controls shows the employees (and perspective future owners) that the firm’s value culture is one they’ll want to buy into.

450: Focus: Your Most Valuable Skill
Distraction is derailing your projects. It’s also making you stressed, burned out, and less innovative. Dive into how our brains function best and discover secrets to overcome distraction individually — and as a firm.

603: Culture Catalyst: Workplace Design as a Leadership Tool
Does your office align you’re your culture, or does it get in the way? Learn how design impacts the culture you have and how it can support the culture you want.

703: Enriching Culture: Diversity Groups in Practice
FXCollaborative shares how the firm’s mission-driven groups foster an inclusive and equitable environment. Hear about the firm’s diversity groups including FXWomen, FXMosaic, and FXOne, which are designed to help women, racial/ethnic minorities, and the LGBTQ community to thrive.

803: Creating a Business Development Culture
Building a corporate culture that embraces business development can be one of the most effective ways to achieve your company’s growth objectives. Discover how to engage in a systematic cultural change process that will allow you to create this type of culture.

903: Purpose-Driven Performance: Connecting Culture to Success
Assess your firm’s culture and learn how to leverage a sense of purpose to drive better performance.

About Architecture Exchange East

ArchEx is AIA Virginia’s annual conference and expo. This year, it takes place at the Greater Richmond Convention Center from Nov. 6–8, 2019. The program is curated to bring together the brightest minds and most engaging speakers to explore the theme of culture.