re:culture  — regarding culture

Architecture Exchange East is bringing together the brightest minds and most engaging speakers to explore the theme of culture.  And, we think you should have a seat at the table (or lectern, as the case may be). We’re seeking polished presenters as well as fresh voices to share their research and expertise at ArchEx in Richmond on Nov. 6–8, 2019.

We’ll engage in dynamic conversations around office culture. We’ll dig into redefining studio culture. We might even get a little lofty and examine architecture’s role in expressing humanity’s highest ideals.

If you’re an expert in (re)designing firm culture — submit a proposal.

If you’re a champion of participatory design — submit a proposal.

If you design cultural institutions — submit a proposal.   

If you’ve conducted research into the socio-cultural impact of architecture — submit a proposal.

If you can speak to Japanese influence on custom residential design in the U.S. — submit a proposal.

You get the idea.

We really value sessions that encourage conversation, connections, and collaborative learning. Think workshops, roundtables, and interactive panels. Most of our session slots will be 60 minutes, but we’ll have a few longer time slots for more in-depth explorations. All confirmed speakers will receive a 50% discount on conference registration.

Help us design the best ArchEx experience yet — submit a proposal.    Deadline is May 15. The proposal form is below.