The Budget has not been resolved. The “Veto Session” is scheduled for 12 April. And the Governor could convene a special session. But many have already remarked that this General Assembly session was generally, and comparatively, “quiet”.

Even so, the bills concerning deregulation and universal licensure reminded us of the importance of remaining vigilant and the value of engaging a strong and effective lobbyist. (Great work, Patrick Cushing. Thank you.)

With more than a few high-profile retirements, with every seat in both chambers up for election, and with the possibility that some (perhaps many) of the seats will be filled by freshman legislators, next year’s session is anticipated to be far more “entertaining”.

We will be ready.

That durable readiness depends on not only recharging our PAC investments (donate to the PAC) but also organizing our efforts to educate legislators on the topics of Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS), the most appropriate mode of enacting requirements (through either the legislative or the regulatory process), and the unique and substantial ways that architects contribute to the built environment throughout the Commonwealth. If you are interested in collaborating on that effort, please read this item on the upcoming Advocacy Summit.