Sanford Bond, FAIA Exhibition

Currently on exhibit at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

Planar Assemblages: Furniture + Other Works
Sanford Bond, FAIA

Sculptures, furniture, and other work from the career of Sanford Bond, FAIA. In our Main Galleries November 8 – January 7, 2019.

“My career has focused on creating places by defining space with various materials and building methods. Primarily as an architect, I create places for human use and habitation using a palette of different materials with a range of spatial definitions in order to define discreet regions of space accommodating various human endeavors. Every material possesses a set of characteristics rendering it different from any other and lending it to a particular building method. These innate qualities may be used to define unique and different places enabling a range of use and meaning, differing with the person and their unique set of experiences.”

Sanford Bond Honored With Noland Medal

Sanford Bond, FAIA, Founder and Principal of 3north in Richmond, Va., will be recognized with the William C. Noland Medal at the Visions for Architecture gala on Friday, Nov. 6, 2015, at the Science Museum of Virginia. The William C. Noland Medal is the highest award bestowed on a member architect, and is intended to honor a distinguished body of accomplishments, sustained over time, that spans a broad spectrum of the profession and that transcends the scope of normal professional activities.

Sanford Bond, FAIA
Sanford Bond, FAIA

“Through the firms in which he has worked and established, Sandy has been an active force in Richmond for over four decades, working tirelessly to raise the quality of design and the access to it throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is dedicated to the profession and to the next generation to carry it forward,” says J. Mitchell Rowland, III, AIA.

His work includes institutional, cultural, and arts-related projects in dense urban areas as well as educational and recreational buildings in suburban and parkland settings. His portfolio of residential work includes a collection of private homes in places as remote as Nova Scotia and the Caribbean, and over thirty renovation and preservation projects in Richmond’s historic Fan District.

Through the years, Sandy has provided thoughtful mentorship to young architects and interns who have benefited immensely from his insight and experience. He has also served as a visiting critic for student design presentations at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, offering guidance to the next generation of architects.

With a desire to serve the profession and the community, Sandy has held leadership positions including a term as President of AIA Richmond, Trustee of The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design, Chair of the editorial committee and founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Inform magazine, the Board of Directors for the Fan District Association, the Richmond Children’s Museum and the Historic Richmond Foundation.

Fred Cox, Jr., FAIA, Principal of Marcellus Wright Cox Architects says, “It has been my privilege to know Sandy personally and professionally. I have grown to admire how he has and is still developing his considerable and broad design skills, evolving his professional practice, and has continued his own education while sharing it all with his peers and his clients. Sandy has assembled these assets while serving well his profession and many charitable, civic and community organizations with special care.”

For his unparalleled leadership, dedicated support of the profession, and service to the community, AIA Virginia awards Sanford Bond, FAIA, the William C. Noland Medal.