As the highest honor bestowed by the AIA Virginia to an architect, the Noland Medal is intended to honor a distinguished body of accomplishments, sustained over time, which spans a broad spectrum of the profession, and which transcends the scope of normal professional activities. Only one medal may be bestowed each year. Current AIAVA board members are not eligible for this award.

The honor is in memory of William C. Noland, FAIA, one of the founders of the Virginia Chapter AIA (now the AIA Virginia), the second chapter president, and its first Virginia member to be elevated to fellowship.

Evaluative Criteria

As the highest honor bestowed by the AIA Virginia to an architect, the Noland Medal is intended to :

  • Honor a distinguished body of accomplishments, sustained over time;
  • Spanning a broad spectrum of the profession; and
  • Transcending the scope of normal professional activities.

The candidate should have a have a minimum:

  • 20 years of AIA membership; and
  • 10 years of AIAVA membership.

The candidates’ body of accomplishments should cover a broad spectrum of accomplishments in:

  •  Design
  •  Practice
  •  Education
  •  Professional service
  •  Range of organizational affiliation
  •  Leadership roles undertaken

Submission Materials

  • Nomination form
  • Nominator’s statement
    The statement should be no more than a paragraph and should include a concise description of the applicant and summarize how the nominee meets the criteria for the award.
  • Narrative information
    This information should detail nominee’s qualifications for award, citing specific examples related to evaluative criteria.
  • A detailed vita and related photographs
    This should contain a synopsis of achievements and supporting material, detailing projects and other achievements. 
  • A maximum of five reference letters
    Letters of endorsement should reference the author’s relationship with the nominee, cite specific examples of why the nominee is qualified to receive the award, and note how the public or profession benefitted from the nominee’s work.

No videos, electronic data, CDs, or books may be submitted unless these feature actual work of the nominee. Your submission should be no larger than 15MB and no more than 20 pages long (not including letters of support).

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Past Recipients

1967   J. Everette Fauber, Jr., FAIA

1968   H. Coleman Baskervill, AIA

1970   Merrill C. Lee, FAIA

1971   T. David Fitz-Gibbon, AIA

1972   Milton L. Grigg, FAIA

1973   A. Edwin Kendrew, FAIA

1974   Pendleton S. Clark, FAIA

1975   Marcellus Wright, Jr., FAIA

1976   John E. Wilson, FAIA

1977   John D. Owen, Jr., AIA

1978   Floyd E. Johnson, FAIA

1979   Herbert L. Smith, III, FAIA

1980   William Marshall, Jr., FAIA

1981   Charles E. Wilkerson, FAIA

1983   R. Randall Vosbeck, FAIA

1984   Charles Burchard, FAIA

1985   Samuel A. Anderson, III, FAIA

1986   J. Norwood Bosserman, FAIA

1987   Frederic H. Cox, Jr., FAIA

1988   Edgar C. Beery, Jr., FAIA

1989   Henry B. Boynton, AIA

1990   Hugh B. Johnson, FAIA

1991   Paul H. Barkley, FAIA

1992   James M. Glavé, AIA

1993   Leonard Currie, FAIA

1994   Eason Cross, FAIA

1995   Marvin J. Cantor, FAIA

1996   M. Stanley Krause, Jr., FAIA

1997   John Paul C. Hanbury, FAIA

1998   G. Truman Ward, FAIA

1999   Carlton S. Abbott, FAIA

2000   Richard L. Ford, Jr., FAIA

2001   Charles W. Steger, FAIA

2002   James W. Ritter, FAIA

2003   Hugh C. Miller, FAIA

2004   Robert A. Boynton, FAIA

2005   Willard M. Scribner, FAIA

2006   Robert L. Vickery, FAIA

2007   Thomas L. Kerns, FAIA

2008   M. Jack Rinehart, Jr., FAIA

2009   Gregory K. Hunt, FAIA

2010  Peyton Boyd, FAIA

2011   Mary P. Cox, FAIA

2012   Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA

2013   Michel C. Ashe, FAIA

2014   M. Kirk Train, FAIA

2015   Sanford Bond, FAIA

2016   Robert J. Dunay, FAIA

2017   Jane Cady Rathbone, FAIA

2018   A. Jack Davis, FAIA

2019   Robert W. Moje, FAIA

2020   John H. Spencer, FAIA

2021   Donna Dunay, FAIA

2022   Burt Pinnock, FAIA

2023   Brian Frickie, FAIA