2023 Honors Committee Appointed

At the Feb. 14, 2023 meeting, the AIA Virginia Board of Directors affirmed the following appointments to the 2023 Honors Committee:

David Keith, FAIA (Chair)
Bill Brown, AIA
Scott Campbell, AIA
Tim Colley, AIA
Emily Hogan, AIA
Randy Holmes, FAIA
Jeanne LeFever, AIA
Rob Reis, FAIA
Warees Smith, AIA
Kevin Sneed, FAIA
Michael Spory, Assoc. AIA
Karen Van Lengen, FAIA
Kenneth Wiseman, FAIA

The honors program recognizes the best efforts of Virginians who, by profession or avocation, have made creating, preserving, and enhancing Virginia’s communities an important life commitment.

The call for nominations launches April 12, 2023.

Honors Committee Appointed

Appointments to the Honors Committee were affirmed on Dec. 6, 2013 by the 2014 Board of Directors. The Committee is charged with working to enable the Society to recognize, encourage, and honor distinguished achievements that constitute a beneficial influence on the built environment and/or the profession of architecture. They do this by bringing a series of annual recommendations for awards to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Mary P. Cox, FAIA will serve a one-year term as chair.

New members Michel C. Ashe, FAIA; Greg Hunt, FAIA; Paula Loomis, FAIA; Mark McConnel, AIA; Burt Pinnock, AIA; and James Ritter, FAIA, will replace departing members Carlton S. Abbott, FAIA; Peyton Boyd, FAIA; Robert A. Boynton, FAIA; Robert J. Dunay, FAIA; Sharon C. Park, FAIA; and Robert W. Moje, FAIA.  Each new member will serve a three-year term.

Members continuing their terms include Marvin J. Cantor, FAIA; Michael T Foster, FAIA; Robert E. Middlebrooks, AIA; Ellen S. Cathey, AIA; Paul R. Erickson, AIA; and Christine Snetter, AIA.

The Committee is expected to begin accepting nominations in late spring or early summer.