ArchEx 2019: History/Community Zone

Join us in our carefully-curated History/Community Zone at Architecture Exchange East this November 6–8, 2019. In this zone, you’ll hear case studies, discuss preservation, and deliberate the power of building community. Check out the highlights from this Learning Zone below.

View the complete agenda or register online today. You can pick and choose sessions from any of the zones or do a deep dive into a particular theme. Discounted Registration ends Oct. 9.

History/Community Zone


03: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Workshop
This day-long workshop provides an introduction to the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).


51: Field Measuring 101
Renovation projects may not always warrant the use of 3D scanning or photogrammetry. This course reviews basic techniques for field measuring and provides some helpful hints.

104: AIA Forum for the National Mall: Renewing our Voice
The AIA Forum for the National Mall is a think tank for creative innovation to address climate change, security, expansion, preservation, spatial allocation, interpretation, transportation, tourism, and utilization to design an even greater treasure for future generations.

204: Cultural Stewardship through HBIM
Explore how Historic Building Information Management (HBIM) gives stewards of historic properties the information they need to preserve culturally important sites like never before.

304: Architecture is the Message
Discuss how old buildings and the ones not deemed historic can survive and thrive through modern adaptations. 


402: Mentoring Future Fellows
Are you interested in becoming a Fellow? Do you want some guidance and feedback on your application? Sign-up for this session and get matched with a mentor.

451: The Power of a Women’s Archive: Revealing Diverse Cultures
The interaction with the original artifacts is, in itself, a qualitative, multilayered, and irreproducible learning experience. Immerse yourself into women’s diverse professional practices.

604: Alexandria Riverfront Economic Framework Plan
Investigate a road map to reinvigorate the waterfront into a vibrant economic engine that encourages cultural development, tourism and urban mixed use development. 

704: Cultural Matchmaking Your Way to Project Success
Explore the cultural opportunities and challenges of integrating research, academic and healthcare environments using a case study and published research.

804: Excellence in Affordable Housing: Reshaping Urban Environments
Using case studies in Northern Virginia, this panel discussion will highlight the successful practices and strategies used to address the pressing need for affordable housing in urban environments.

904: Washington Alley Project: Research and Public Space Advocacy
Examine D.C.’s informal alley network as a viable site for new modes of urban living, creating opportunities to adapt to the social and technological pressures of today without sacrificing architectural heritage.

About Architecture Exchange East

ArchEx is AIA Virginia’s annual conference and expo. This year, it takes place at the Greater Richmond Convention Center from Nov. 6–8, 2019. The program is curated to bring together the brightest minds and most engaging speakers to explore the theme of culture.

All ArchEx seminars offer 1 AIA/CES learning unit unless otherwise noted in the agenda.