Strategic Council Applications Open

The AIA Strategic Council (“Council”) is a diverse group of over 60 forward-thinking leaders, charged with exploring new ideas and solutions to significant issues facing the profession of architecture and its role in society. The Council seeks to prioritize and make advancements by informing the AIA Board of Directors and other Institute bodies about important professional issues and opportunities.

The Council is not an AIA governing body, which allows it the freedom to explore issues outside of current constructs. The Council’s primary focus is the future of the profession. A recent and profound example of this is the Council’s effort, along with the Board of Directors, to create the 2021–2025 AIA Strategic Plan.


While the form and operation of the Strategic Council have continued to evolve since its inception in 2015, engaged and effective Councilors over this time have several shared qualities.

We are seeking individuals with the following characteristics:

  • A true representative of our state’s members, that can bring forth the diversity of perspectives within our various communities
  • An exemplary communicator, a listener, and advocate who will capably serve as an active conduit for information and ideas to and from our members.
  • A natural leader, able to inspire, collaborate and work with others, who possess a bias for action.
  • A reflective thinker who offers expertise, experience, insight, and/or unique perspectives.

The AIA Bylaws do not require that state representatives be Architect members.

Questions for potential candidates may include:

  • Do you want to make a difference?
  • Are you an individual committed to action?
  • Do you embody the qualities of an engaged and effective councilor?

Commitments and Expectations of a Strategic Councilor

Click here to review the latest Handbook for the Strategic Council.

In addition, you can contact Donna Dunay, FAIA, Virginia’s current representative to the AIA Strategic Council ( with additional questions.

Application Requirements

AIA Membership – Applicant must be an AIA Virginia member in good standing.

Letter of Interest – From Applicant. Indicate understanding of the position, qualifications/experience, and reasons for seeking election. Limit one-page.

Letter of Nomination – From an AIA local or state component Board Member. Indicate the connection between the Strategic Council position and the Nominee’s leadership qualities. Limit one-page.

Letter of Recommendation – From an AIA member. Indicate Nominee’s qualifications for the Strategic Council position. Limit one-page.

Letter of Support – From Employer. A Principal (or Officer) within the candidate’s firm must commit to supporting the candidate in fulfilling the role’s obligations. Limit one page on company letterhead.

Personal Resume – Indicate education, employment history, organizations, activities, honors, and awards. Limit two pages (It is NOT in the applicant’s best interest to simply submit a firm resume with project experience).


Completed applications must be submitted by email as a single PDF to Donna Dunay, FAIA, Virginia’s representative to the AIA Strategic Council ( AND Helene Combs Dreiling, FAIA, Interim Executive Vice President of AIA Virginia ( no later than Friday, July 8, 2022.

Selection Process

The Nominating Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors to take action at its August 5, 2022 meeting.

From the AIA Strategic Council

April – May 2021
Strategic Council/Component monthly briefing:
To better inform members of the work and activities of the AIA Strategic Council

Region: The Virginias
Regional Representative: Donna Dunay, FAIA

This has been an active spring with the Strategic Council with many initiatives that look to the future of the profession. We hope you find the following note informative. Please be in contact about any potential opportunities or concerns facing the future of the profession.

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