AIA Virginia | 2019 Board of Directors
February 15, 2019
The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

Motions Made and Approved:
The Board of Directors of AIA Virginia voted as follows:
● Approval of the December 13, 2018, Meeting Minutes
● Approval of the December 14, 2018, Meeting Minutes
● Approval of the Appointment of the 2019 Honors Committee
● Approval of the 2018 Financial Audit Report

The Strategic Plan work plan document was reviewed and the importance of obtaining feedback from AIAS members was discussed.

Written reports were provided for the following consent agenda items:

• Blueprint for Better – National Mall Initiative
• Art of Practice Update
• 2019 General Assembly Update
• PAC Update
• Publications Update
• Membership Update
• Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program Update
• Safety Assessment Program (SAP) Training
• Emerging Leaders in Architecture Update
• ACE Update

Questions regarding the written reports were answered to provide additional clarification. Members may request a copy of these written reports by emailing AIA Virginia Executive Vice President, Corey Clayborne, AIA at


Advance knowledge and expertise of members:

A presentation was provided on the final work product of the Architecture Exchange East Task Force. In 2018, a task force was convened to conduct a review of fiscal performance, attendee and vendor satisfaction, and make recommendations to the board about the future of the program. Three proposals were offered for consideration. It was highly recommended that a planning committee is convened to shepherd annual planning and content curation.

Implement a communication program that informs and facilitates connections:

Ms. Reader abstained from voting on the 2019 Honors Committee appointments.

An update on Virginia Tech activity was provided which included the establishment of a residency program, in partnership with Autodesk, that facilitates the integration of innovative technology into the learning experience. The University Directors from Hampton University and the University of Virginia were not able to be present for the meeting.

A Director from each local component shared an update on local component activity.


Treasurer’s Report:
The organization’s Balance Sheet indicates the cash and cash equivalents is approximately $70k greater than at this point last year. Expenses are currently at 61% of the budget. To date, the organization has an excess of revenue over expenses of $221,494. This funding is used for operations during the spring and summer months when program revenue is minimal.

EVP Report:
An update was shared on the construction of the Bookbindery space. Construction is expected to be complete at the beginning of March. The plan is to have an Open House function for the membership in the April/May timeframe.

President-Elect’s Report:
A joint task force consisting of AIA Virginia and Branch board members was formed at the beginning of 2019 to look to the future, determine recommended collaboration strategies, identify tactics, and develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that can be supported by both boards. It is expected that the MOU will outline the relationship between the organizations as it relates to mission, finance, and programming.

New Business:
A discussion was held regarding AIA Northern Virginia and AIA Richmond’s use of The Branch’s 501c3 status to accept tax-deductible contributions.

Delegate David Toscano included AIA Virginia in his press release on a climate change/renewable energy agenda.

AIA Virginia signed onto the Governor’s Broadband Coalition letter on January 21 in an advocacy effort to provide broadband access to 660,000 Virginians.

The Region of the Virginias dinner at Grassroots will be held on Thursday, March 7 at Matchbox.

A reception will be held on Thursday, April 11 at Hampton University to allow the AIA Virginia Board of Directors to engage with the AIA Hampton Roads Board of Directors, Hampton University school of architecture faculty, and 4th and 5th-year architecture students.

AIA Virginia endorsed Senate Joint Resolution 277 which would make the first week of September of each year “Resiliency Week”.

The next meeting of the 2019 AIA Virginia Board of Directors will take place Friday, April 12, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at Hampton University.