AIA Virginia | 2019 Board of Directors
December 14, 2018
The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design

Motions Made and Approved:
The Board of Directors of AIA Virginia voted as follows:
● Confirmation of the AIA Virginia PAC Board of Trustee nominations to the Political Action Committee
● Approval of the appointments to the 2019 Audit Committee
● Approval of the appointments to the 2019 Finance Committee
● Approval of the appointments to the 2019 Secretary’s Advisory Committee
● Approval of the appointments to the 2019 Nominating Committee


1. Position Architects as vital contributors to our built environment:

• The forum for the Blueprint for Better Communities: National Mall Initiative was held on October 26 which engaged 13 carefully selected architects/planners that represent a cross-section of the stakeholders that have an impact on the National Mall. The key takeaways provided to the AIA from the participants were that this conversation should continue, the AIA must develop core philosophical principles that will guide when and how it engages on different topics regarding the National Mall, and that the AIA should be a “unified voice”.

• AIA DC is assisting the National Capital Planning Commission as a “think-tank” regarding the re-envisioning of the link between the Lincoln Memorial and the Kennedy Center. AIA Virginia will host another Forum with stakeholders tentatively planned for April 2019. The next Steering Committee meeting will be held in Washington, DC on February 13.

2. Advance knowledge and expertise of members:

• There were 718 attendees at Architecture Exchange East 2018. There was an increase in Architect members and a decrease in student attendance. This year, more attendees rated the conference as a good value for the expense and that the experience was either “good” or “excellent”.

• The 2019 Emerging Leaders in Architecture (ELA) class has been selected. The volume of applicants for the at-large positions increased over that of last year. It was noted that the University of Virginia will not fill its designated student seat due to ELA sessions being held on Fridays, thus conflicting with studio schedules. The Steering Committee held its planning retreat on December 7 to solidify the details and structure of the 2019 program. The class project will occur in Northern Virginia.

• Planning for the Art of Practice is underway. A planning meeting was held on December 13 to explore venue options, content, and program structure. The event will be held in Northern Virginia.

3. Advocate for the Profession:

• Our proposed bill to close the Qualifications Based Selection loophole in the Virginia Public Procurement Act will be carried by House Majority Leader, Del. Todd Gilbert. Meetings with legislators on key committees are concluding as the 2019 General Assembly session is preparing to commence. The Joint Legislative Committee has begun to review bills submitted to date and will hold an organizational meeting on December 20.

• An overview of the PAC Opt-In Communications Strategy was presented which includes in-person outreach with each local component’s Board of Directors, a hard-copy mailing, the Virtual Membership Meeting, and electronic communications. If passed by the Board, it is expected that the PAC Opt-In would take effect in 2020 by way of a $10 dues increase.

• Members have invested approximately $19,500 in the PAC since December 2017. This is believed to be the most successful year for PAC fundraising in the organization’s history.

4. Implement a communication program that informs and facilitates connections:

• The Communications and Outreach Advisory Council will participate in a branding retreat in the coming months for the publication that will conclude with a June launch date. Work on the Firm Directory will begin in December with an expected launch in the first quarter of 2019.

• Work is underway to begin archiving Inform with US Modernist. The organization will explore the inclusion of Virginia Record archives as well.

• The Design Awards exhibition opened at the Branch on November 15 and will be on view until January 14. Honorees for both, the Design and Honors Awards programs, were celebrated at Architecture Exchange East and Visions for Architecture. Videos and image galleries recognizing these achievements have been posted to AIA Virginia’s YouTube channel and website.

• AIA Virginia leveraged its programming at Architecture Exchange East into a public outreach initiative by inviting members of the public to attend the Blueprint for Better Housing panel discussion as well as strategically identified sessions.

5. Become a model of a strong nonprofit and vibrant membership organization:

• There are currently 2,430 total AIA Virginia members. As of November 30, 2018, the organization has experienced a 2.19% increase in membership over the same time in 2017.

• 2019 Supplemental Dues payment requests will go out in January.

• The Virginia Tech Practice-Based PhD Symposium was held at the Washington-Alexandria campus on November 12-13. This is a key initiative under Dr. Blythe who serves as the Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

• An update was provided on the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program which is administered through the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Veterans Services. The Department is interested in partnering with AIA Virginia in improving the pipeline to architecture for veterans.


University Report:
• The Virginia Tech FutureHAUS won the 2018 International Solar Competition. It was noted that the studio project in Malawi continues to move forward.

• Planning continues for the University of Virginia School of Architecture’s centennial celebrations. The Master of Architecture track will now have focus areas.

• Hampton University will host the AIA Large Firm Round Table and Deans Forum on October 22-25, 2019.

Treasurer’s Report:
• The organization’s Balance Sheet indicates the cash and cash equivalents is approximately $100k greater than at this point last year. Currently, the organization’s expenses exceed its revenue by (-$869). This is expected at this point in time in the year. For comparison, the organization was at (-$17,580) at this same point in time in 2017.

• The 2018 Audit Committee reviewed the audit on December 12. The opinion of the auditors was that the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of AIA Virginia and Affiliate (PAC). The Committee requested the audit to be finalized.

EVP Report:
• It is expected that AIA Virginia’s operations will move to the Bookbindery Building by March 1, 2019.

• An overview of the Supplemental Dues Replacement Plan was presented. The goal of the organization is to strive for a budget neutral impact within five years. The plan identifies ways to reduce annual expenses incurred combined with finding strategic ways to increase revenue within the existing staff’s workload.

President-Elect’s Report:
• The Executive Committee will hold a facilitated planning retreat on January 11-12 in Winchester, Virginia. This meeting will set the stage and form momentum for the strategic plan update process.

New Business:
• The April Board meeting will be held on April 12, 2019 to avoid Easter holiday conflicts. The meeting location will be at Hampton University.

The next meeting of the 2019 AIA Virginia Board of Directors will take place Friday, February 15, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design.