Show off your design research and interiors projects! Contribute a project profile or your research and insights to the upcoming Interiors Issue of Inform Magazine.

Articles should be between 300-1,000 words (depending on the topic) and may link to outside sources — including your firm or university website. Content may be edited for style and accuracy.

Content Guidelines

Inform Magazine’s goal is to highlight our members’ contributions to the built environment to each other and to the public, so it is ideal to highlight methods, research, and materials that elevate the overall understanding of a particular typology or approach.

We ask our contributors to avoid marketing or sales-oriented language (as well as “archi-speak”) in submitted pieces, however you are welcomed —even encouraged — to credit consultants or products that contributed to the overall success of the project.

We’d ask you to share images of your work or research. We prefer images to be at least 650 pixels wide and ask that you include any necessary image credits.

Let us know if you want to contribute by Aug. 3.  The content deadline is Aug. 19. Questions? Contact Rhea George.   

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