Join us in our carefully-curated Public Work/Public Good Zone at Architecture Exchange East this November 6–8, 2019. In this zone, you’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of engaging in public work and working for the public good. Check out the highlights from this Learning Zone below.

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Public Work/Public Good Zone


07: NCI Facilitation Skills Boot Camp for Contentious Meetings
This workshop covers the top tools and techniques for keeping meetings on track. Participants will learn on their feet through role playing exercises that simulate various meeting types.


52: Design for Emotional Well-Being in Military Communities
Examine strategies for designing in opportunities for increased social connectivity, recreation, and overall community resiliency through dynamic and well-researched master planning and placemaking.

105: Planning Washington Union Station: The Architect’s Skills
Discuss how the architect’s wide-ranging skillset is especially useful in leading multi-disciplinary teams to solve the unique design problems encountered in a complex project.

205: Visibility: Risk Mitigation for School Design
Hear tips on visibility — one of the greatest tools for risk mitigation in school design.

305: Public Owner Roundtable
Engage in a dialogue about upcoming projects and the ways that owners and members of the profession can best work together.


413: JUSTice for All: Reviewing Practice Through An Equity Lens
Hear one firm’s experience undergoing ILFI’s JUST certification—what they did, what they learned, how it‘s changing the way they operate, and what it means for their workplace culture.

503: Re-imagining Benefield: A Catalyst for Hope
Join community leaders and designers for a journey through a project designed by the people of Highland Park for the people of Highland Park.

605: Y!MBY: Facilitating Enthusiastic Community-Based Design
Hear stories of lessons learned — from triumphant fiascoes to unsuccessful victories — in order to reinforce a design culture that encourages open and immersive conversations and embraces equity in development.

705: Architecture as a Catalyst for Social Change
Join us for a discussion highlighting several case studies of how architecture has had a profound effect on a community.

805: Humanitarian Design: Tilt the Planet
Explore the practice of Humanitarian Design and the ways architects can participate meaningfully in humanitarian work.

905: Sustainability: The New Form Giver
Discuss how sustainability as a design goal can influence architectural forms, material choices, and building appearance.

About Architecture Exchange East

ArchEx is AIA Virginia’s annual conference and expo. This year, it takes place at the Greater Richmond Convention Center from Nov. 6–8, 2019. The program is curated to bring together the brightest minds and most engaging speakers to explore the theme of culture.

All ArchEx seminars offer 1 AIA/CES learning unit unless otherwise noted in the agenda.