The gears of government are turning and our advocacy efforts are making a difference.

At the federal level, you likely heard that HR7024 passed. That omnibus tax bill addresses many issues, including the current requirement that Research & Development (R&D) expenditures be amortized over five years. The proposed legislation allows taxpayers to take the full credit for R&D expenses in the year they are incurred, retroactive to 2022 and through 2025. Many thanks to the firms and members that answered the call to engage and asked your Representative to support the legislation. One hurdle crossed. On to the Senate; where the Resolution is likely to need help. Stay vigilant.

Here in Virginia…

You might have heard about the effort to reopen the 2021 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code pursuant to the recent Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA) for the purpose of complying with Executive Orders One and 19 (2022). Executive Directive Number One (2022), directs Executive Branch entities under the authority of the Governor “…to initiate regulatory processes to reduce by at least 25 percent the number of regulations not mandated by federal or state statute, in consultation with the Office of the Attorney General, and in a manner consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth”.  Executive Order 19 (2022) requires every regulatory agency “to review all existing regulations…to reduce the overall regulatory burden on the public.” AIA Virginia was one of 33 signatories to a letter voicing opposition to the proposal to apply these requirements to the Building Code. During its meeting on Wednesday 31 January 2024, the Board of Housing and Community Development voted against reopening the 2021 code cycle; the vote was 10-3. Our comments, both written and oral, were recognized by the Board during the Codes and Standards meeting.  The Board’s motion, as passed, also recognized the successful past work on the 2021 code cycle and recommended that the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development develop a plan for the 2024 code cycle with consideration for compliance with ED One (2022) and EO 19 (2022). Further action on the 2024 cycle will require discussion in a future meeting. We will be ready.

The Virginia General Assembly is well underway. Bills are working their way through, or succumbing to, the process. We have been issuing frequent reports on the bills we are tracking. Please join me in expressing gratitude to the members of the Joint Legislative Committee (the JLC) for their attention and diligence. The AIA Virginia delegation includes Rebecca Aarons-Sydnor, Assoc AIA, Ed Gillikin, AIA, Lauren Sughrue, Assoc AIA, and Stephen Weisensale, AIA; they are joined by ACEC Virginia delegates Kristina Preisner, Executive Director of ACEC, Eric Burke, Hugh Cannon, Nancy Israel, R Reaves, Glenn Rehberger, Don Rissmeyer, Chris Stone; our lobbyist Patrick Cushing, Esq, Hon AIA Virginia, and our loyal ally Joe Cooch, Esq.

No advocacy update is complete without an appeal to please support the AIA Virginia PAC – one of the sharpest instruments in our toolbox. And if you are supporting the PAC, we thank you.