At the Feb. 26 meeting, the AIA Virginia Board of Directors affirmed the following appointments to the 2021 Honors Committee:

Jim Clark, FAIA (Chair)

Eric Keplinger, AIA

Amanda Schlichting, AIA

Randy Vaughan, AIA

Robert Boynton, FAIA

The following members will continue their terms on the committee:

Kendall Nicholson, Assoc. AIA

April Drake, AIA

Lee Shadbolt, AIA

Paula Loomis, FAIA

Chuck Swartz, FAIA

David Keith, FAIA

Bruce Wardell, AIA

Amber Hall, AIA

The honors program recognizes the best efforts of Virginians who, by profession or avocation, have made creating, preserving, and enhancing Virginia’s communities an important life commitment.

The call for nominations is expected to launch in late April.