The 2017 Women’s Leadership Summit will be held September 14-17 in Washington, D.C.  for women in positions of leadership. The Summit will focus on supporting women in leadership by providing a forum to recognize, inform, and champion the work being created by women in architecture.

The Summit is part of an ongoing national conversation for women in architecture. Goals include: raising the profile of women principals and leaders in the profession; sharing and promoting the design work of women; exploring new paths to leadership; learning from each other regarding issues and challenges.

The Committee wants to make sure that a wide range of people have an opportunity for their ideas to be considered. We not only encourage your direct participation, but we ask you to please encourage the participation of other people you know who would be compelling as speakers.

Seminar proposals will only be accepted through an electronic form. The call for seminar proposals is now open. Information is available at:!speakers/fjlru If you would like to submit a proposal the submission form is available at!proposal-form/fij6b  We really need to receive submissions before the end of July to keep on schedule.

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