by Eliza Engle, AIA

As the end of summer is drawing to a close, the PAC Board of Trustees will be starting their second fundraising “push” of the year.  Perhaps you know one of these dedicated volunteers. They might have asked you or your firm to invest in the PAC. 

Why invest in the PAC?  What does it do for you? 

Well, first let’s examine what the PAC means and does.  The AIA Virginia PAC is the entity that raises money to advocate for architects in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We use these monies to access fundraising events of legislators to make connections, build relationships, and introduce all that we do in our communities as architects.  Over the past few years, these relationships have proven very fruitful.  We have closed the Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) “loophole” in the Virginia Public Procurement Act which allowed localities to select architects for projects based on fee. In partnership with the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) and the Associated General Contractors (AGC), we successfully lobbied for a 15-year statute of limitations for design and construction projects performed for the Commonwealth of Virginia, including public institutes of higher education. Today, the “duty to defend” language in indemnification clauses is against public policy because of our advocacy efforts. 

This year, we joined a coalition and successfully lobbied to support tax conformity legislation that included expense deductibility of $100,000 for PPP loans. This was a $75,000 increase from the original bill proposal. So, if you or your firm received a PPP loan, you can thank the PAC for getting this increase in business expense deductibility.  A great way to show your gratitude would be to invest in the PAC so we can continue strengthening these relationships and keep the Commonwealth a great place for architects to do work!

You can invest now here:

Thank you to our current 2021 PAC investors:

$2,500 to $4,999

PMA Architecture

$1,000 to $2,499

LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects
VIA Design Architects

$500 to $999

MG2 Corporation
MTFA Architecture
William “Bill” Brown, AIA
Jeremy Maloney, AIA


Conkey Architects
Frazier Associates
R. Corey Clayborne, FAIA
Eric Keplinger, AIA
David King, AIA
Carolyn Rickard-Brideau, AIA
J. Mitch Rowland, AIA
Elisabeth Sloan, AIA
Lou Wolf, AIA


Architecture AF
Colley Architects
Galvin Architects
Kerns Group Architects
KGD Architecture
Powe Studio Architects
Reader & Swartz Architects
r4 llc
Colin Arnold, AIA
JW Blanchard, AIA
Robert Dunay, FAIA
Thomas Ellis, AIA
Eliza Engle, AIA
Rob Reis, AIA
Nick Serfass, FAIA
Michael Spory, Assoc. AIA
Chris Venable, AIA
Nick Vlattas, FAIA
Steve Wakeman, AIA

Up to $99

B. Grace Design, LLC
Anonymous [ 2 ]
Ryan Alkire, AIA
Krystal Anderson, AIA
John Burns, FAIA
Maggie Dunlap, Assoc. AIA
Robert Easter, FAIA
Rhea George, Hon. AIA VA
John Glenn, AIA
Cathy Guske, Hon. AIA VA
Spencer Lepler, AIA
Shawn Mulligan, AIA
Marci Parrish
Kathryn Prigmore, FAIA
Gareth Ratti, AIA
Maury Saunders, AIA
Kristen Smith
Nick Wade, AIA
Chris Warren, AIA
Ed Weaver, AIA
Rob Winstead, AIA