Welcome to a new day at The Branch Museum! We are excited to announce new virtual experiences through our two new webinar series (https://branchmuseum.org/webinars/). We particularly think that you will enjoy revisiting the old home of AIA Virginia, the Branch House, as it undergoes several phases of restoration.  The Branch House Restoration Series will bring you into our ongoing work on the beautiful 101-year-old Branch House. Through five webinars we will provide an opportunity to go where the public generally cannot explore: the roof and chimneys, the beautiful plaster work, and even the inner workings of the pipes and plumbing, as well as the history of the House. The first 3 of the 5 planned webinars in the series are available for registration now.

Others will follow:

  • The Branch House Roof, Wood Trim & Windows | Wednesday, December 2
  • The Branch House Brickwork & Mortars| Wednesday, January 13
  • The Restoration Dialogue – Solving the Unknowns of Preservation and Restoration – The Branch House Pipes | Wednesday, February 3

Architecture in Dialogue explores the architectural design process, which must begin in dialogue. The consideration of multiple issues and the inclusion of all voices is necessary to ensure that the built environment truly serves and uplifts the entire community. This need for input and involvement is especially important at a time when, whether through shifts in social norms or more sudden upheaval due to climate or disease, the built environment must change to be at once resilient and sensitive. All webinars in the series are available now for registration.