Virginia’s state and local chapters of the AIA and Virginia NOMA issue the following joint statement on racial injustice.

The killing of Mr. George Floyd was a despicable and heinous act committed by police officers who betrayed their oath to protect the community they served. The civil unrest we are witnessing in our cities is a public outcry in response to centuries of neglect, oppression, and suffocation of African-Americans. It is a response to an America that has failed to practice the very words upon which it was founded – that all are created equal. This is a forceful reminder that we have much work to do as a society in order for all Americans to enjoy the benefits of this inherited promise.

As architects and designers, we remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our profession while designing spaces that benefit all people. Each pen stroke we put on paper sets into motion a series of consequences that shape our communities for decades to come. Though that responsibility is great, it is not our only obligation. We are called, each and every one of us, to remove barriers to our profession, boldly committing to providing opportunity and equity for all who wish to contribute.

Kelly Callahan, AIA: President of AIA Central Virginia
Scott Campbell, AIA: President of AIA Hampton Roads
Nick Cooper, AIA: President of AIA Richmond
Kevin Jones, AIA: President of AIA Blue Ridge
Kenneth Martin, AIA Member Emeritus, NOMAC: Inaugural President of Virginia NOMA
Joseph McCoy, AIA: President of AIA Northern Virginia
Beth Reader, FAIA: President of AIA Virginia

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