yafCON 2019 Announces Speakers

yafCON is pleased to announce the panelists for the 2019 micro-conference at Architecture Exchange East. This year’s theme is The Architect of the New Era: critical issues of the 21st century designer. The program is free with your ArchEx registration or you can simply register to attend the [yaf]CON micro-conference on Friday, Nov. 8 from 1:30-5 p.m.

The panel features four distinguished emerging professionals with experience within at least one these focus areas: socially-sensitive design, emerging technologies and data in design, sustainability and environmentally-conscious design, and equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Sydney Covey
Sustainable Solutions Manager, Structr Advisors, Virginia Beach

“Our industry plays a critical role in climate change and sea level rise. We have to shape our perspective to begin to think about how the building impacts both the occupant and the environment.”

Yiselle Santos Rivera
Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, HKS, Inc., Washington, DC

“We are the ones that ignite the fire. When we show there’s value in pursuing equity, diversity, and inclusion, we make sure that everyone is engaged in the conversation and accountable, there is no space for failure.”

Edward Becker
Professor of Architecture, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg

“Faced with the pressing global challenges of rapid urbanization and human-induced climate change, we should focus on the development and implementation of low-carbon construction.”

Pascale Sablan
Founder & Executive Director, Beyond the Built Environment, New York City

“We need to address the inequitable disparities in architecture by providing a holistic platform aimed to support numerous stages of the architecture pipeline.”

The yafCON team is looking to crowdsource questions for its engaging panel.


Announcing [yaf]CON

AIA Virginia is proud to announce a partnership with the Young Architect’s Forum in Hampton Roads to present [yaf]CON.

[yaf]CON is a newly-curated micro conference for emerging design professionals held 2-5 p.m. on Nov. 9, 2018 during Architecture Exchange East.

[yaf]CON is open to the young and to the young- hearted. The goal is to have fun, to learn, and to discuss the power of design for our communities. This inaugural program was developed to create a platform for emerging professionals for years to come.

You can add [yaf]CON to your ArchEx agenda for no extra charge — or join us for [yaf]CON for only $50.

[yaf]CON is intentionally open to allied professions to encourage cross-pollination of ideas, skill sets, and networks to better activate and enrich our cities through the energy and passion of emerging professionals in the design and construction fields.

[yaf]CON is curated and hosted by the AIA Hampton Roads Chapter of the Young Architects Forum.