Sydney has been a shining StAR, and now we need another

For the last several years, we have been fortunate to have Sydney Huibregtse, Associate AIA serve as our State/Territory Associate Representative (StAR). Our organization and our members have benefitted greatly from Sydney’s dedicated and thoughtful service. Thank you, Syndey.

Sydney Huibregtse, Assoc. AIA

Sydney has decided to step down from that role, and we are now in search of another StAR.

And what is a StAR? StARs serve on the National Associates Committee (the NAC). The NAC is the voice of Associate members of AIA. It represents and advocates for both mainstream and non-traditional associates – who constitute 19% of national AIA membership – at all components of the AIA. By promoting excellence, providing information and leadership, fostering inclusiveness, and encouraging individual, community and professional development, the NAC strives to integrate the growing associates community of the profession into a strong voice within the AIA. Representatives to the NAC are known as State Associate Representatives (StARs).

StARs typically serve two-year terms. Efforts include monthly workgroup calls, quarterly full committee calls, and one required in-person (travel-paid) annual meeting in Q1. Expect to dedicate 10 hours per month to this role. 

If you are interested in serving as a StAR, please contact EVP Paul Battaglia, AIA before the end of the month.

Announcing New RAD

The Board of Directors of the American Institute of Architects Region of The Virginias has selected Sydney Huibregtse, Associate AIA, as Regional Associate Director for the 2021 – 2022 term on the AIA National Associates Committee.

Sydney Huibregtse, Assoc. AIA

Sydney graduated from Auburn University in 2016 and works for KGD Architecture, where she has been since 2019. She previously worked for MTFA Architecture in Arlington, from 2017 to 2019 and studied abroad at the Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey) and Unitec Institute of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand). She is a 2019 graduate of AIA Virginia’s Emerging Leaders in Architecture program and was recently awarded the 2020 Service to the Chapter Award by AIA Northern Virginia.

Chief Operating Officer of Little, Charles Todd, AIA describes Huibregtse as a “passionate young professional with great potential as a leader within the AIA and in the community.” Sonia Jarboe, AIA who is the 2021 AIA Northern Virginia President-Elect added that Sydney is “committed to fostering better relationships between AIA and AIAS members and recent graduates as well as AIA Associate members.”

The National Associates Committee (NAC) serves Associate AIA members in the advancing their careers. The NAC wants to be a catalyst by becoming agents of change, by challenging the status quo, by representing a diverse membership, and by promoting mentorship, fellowship, licensure, advocacy, and service.

The Regional Associate Director (RAD) serves as a vital link between Associates and the national organization. RADs work with other association counterparts, are responsible for gathering information about issues facing Associates within their Regions and help disseminate information about national/regional activities and resources for use at the local level.