Governor’s Office Seeks Architects for Appointments to Boards and Commissions

AIA Virginia will be providing the Governor’s Office with a slate of candidates for consideration for appointment to several Commonwealth of Virginia Boards and Commissions. Our organization advocates for the Architect’s voice on these bodies to help shape policies and strengthen our communities. See the submission requirements

Submissions are due to AIA Virginia Executive Vice President, Corey Clayborne, FAIA by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 14, 2020. Please note which Board or Commission you’d like to serve on in your submitted documentation.

We will be submitting a slate of nominees for each of the following Boards and Commissions:

Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers, and Landscape Architects (APELSCIDLA)

Purpose: The Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers and Landscape Architects (APELSCIDLA Board) examines, licenses, and regulates approximately 35,000 individuals and related business entities in Virginia. Learn more.
Meeting Frequency: Estimated at 4 times per year*

Fair Housing Board

Purpose: The Fair Housing Board administers and enforces national and state fair housing laws. The laws prohibit housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, familial status (families with children under age 18), or “elderliness” (age 55 or older). The Board investigates housing discrimination through the Virginia Fair Housing Office, and oversees an education-based certification program for housing providers. Learn more.
Meeting Frequency: Estimated at 6 times per year*

Secure and Resilient Commonwealth Panel

Purpose: The Secure and Resilient Commonwealth Panel is established as an advisory board in the executive branch of state government. The Panel shall have as its primary focus emergency management and homeland security within the Commonwealth to ensure that prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery programs, initiatives, and activities, both at the state and local levels, are fully integrated, suitable, and effective in addressing risks from man-made and natural disasters. Learn more.
Meeting Frequency: At least biennially*

Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation

Purpose: The nine-member Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation is responsible for: monitoring the policies and activities of the Department; evaluating the need for regulation, if any, of unregulated professions or occupations; advising the Governor and Department Director on matters relating to professional regulation; recommending regulatory frameworks to the General Assembly, when professional regulation is necessary to protect the public interest; and providing citizen access to the Department and promoting education of the public about professional regulation. Learn more.
Meeting Frequency: Estimated at 4 times per year* 

*This is an estimate of meeting frequency. The Board may have a need to meet more frequently depending on the amount of business that needs to be addressed

Gubernatorial Appointments 2015

The VSAIA offers its support to candidates who wish to serve the public by leading the various boards that oversee the work of state agencies. All agencies below — and many others — are led by gubernatorial appointees.

While only a few positions are reserved for architects — such as the regulatory board and the Fair Housing Board — many agencies would benefit from an architect’s insight and ability to see several steps ahead, similar to a chess grandmaster. To some, this would appear to be magic. To architects, it remains a daily exercise in rational thought.

For boards requiring architects, the VSAIA is asked to provide a slate of nominees. For other boards, we may support as few or as many as are interested. Board openings beginning July 1, 2015, requiring gubernatorial appointment are as follows:

  • APELSCIDLA — three positions are open, one reserved for an architect. The other two are for a landscape architect and a land surveyor. This board regulates architects, professional engineers, land surveyors, certified interior designers and landscape architects.
  • Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation — one position open, not reserved for an architect. This board oversees the actions of the department that regulates licensed professionals including architects.
  • Board of Historic Resources — two positions are open, none reserved for an architect.
  • Board of Housing and Community Development — two positions open, one each from the 8th and 10th Congressional Districts. No positions are reserved for architects. One of this board’s primary duties is to approve updates to the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.
  • Fair Housing Board — five positions are open one of which is for an architect.
  • Virginia Housing Development Authority — two positions open, none reserved for an architect.

While other boards may be considered, these are more often of interest to architects.

To submit an application to the secretary of the commonwealth, go to the website: and click on the link. Members who wish to receive the support of the VSAIA must send a resume and a letter of interest to Duncan Abernathy AIA at for review by the Government and Industry Affairs Committee.

For more information about the process or an individual board as well as the commitment of time required by each, contact Abernathy as well.