Does Your Component Want to Win a $1,000 for 2021 Architecture Week? – Win the RUMBLE in the JUNGLE for the AIA Virginia Political Action Committee Award

Like many professions, architects have interests that specifically impact our profession, practice, and our community. The legislative and regulatory environment is arguably the most important arena that impacts how we provide our professional services.  We, as architects, want to have an influential voice in this arena which allows us to control our destiny.  We can’t have an influential voice without having relationships. As such, the PAC allows us to build these necessary relationships.

The AIA Virginia PAC Award looks to celebrate the engagement and commitment of a local AIA component who supports the advancement and mission of the PAC.  The Award has historically been presented at Architecture Exchange East to the local component’s Board of Directors who will accept the award on behalf of the its respective membership.  The Award criteria is based on a point total calculation based on three areas: local component Board participation, percentage of local component’s membership who have invested in the PAC, and total amount of money invested by the members of the local component.

Below outlines point allocations:

  1. Local component Board participation
    1. Did 100% of the Board of Directors invest into the AIA Virginia PAC?
      1. Yes = 20 points
      1. No = 0 points
  2. Percentage of local component’s members who have invested in the AIA Virginia PAC
    1. Component with highest % = 40 points
    1. Component with second highest % = 20 points
    1. Component with third highest % = 10 points
  3. Average investment per member from the total local component membership
    1. Component with highest average investment/member = 40 points
    1. Component with second highest average investment/member = 30 points
    1. Component with third highest average investment/member = 20 points
    1. Component with fourth highest average investment/member = 10 points
    1. Component with fifth highest average investment/member = 0 points

The scoring will be closed on October 23, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

Invest at

Thank you to our 2020 PAC Investors:

$1,000 to $2,499
Kenney Payne, AIA

$500 to $999
Jeremy Maloney, AIA

Scott Campbell, AIA
R. Corey Clayborne, FAIA
Karen Conkey, AIA
Theresa del Ninno, AIA
John Glenn, AIA
Lou Wolf, AIA

Ron Anderson of Nello Wall Systems
JW Blanchard, AIA
Rebecca Edmunds, AIA
Thomas Ellis, AIA
Eliza Engle, AIA
Jeanne LeFever, AIA
Beth Reader, FAIA
Sean Reilly, AIA
Robert Reis, AIA
J. Mitchell Rowland, III, AIA
Michael Spory, Assoc. AIA
Nick Vlattas, FAIA
Stephen Weisensale, AIA 

Up to $99
Anonymous (2)
Krystal Anderson, AIA
Kelly Batchelder of Nello Wall Systems
Mayda Colon, AIA
Robert Easter, FAIA
Keesha Ezell
Kathy Galvin, AIA
Rhea George, Hon. AIA VA
Cathy Guske, Hon. AIA VA
Spencer Lepler, AIA
Joshua Rubbelke, AIA
Maury Saunders, AIA
Charles Todd, AIA
Chris Warren, Assoc. AIA
Ed Weaver, AIA