We are always excited to welcome new members to Virginia. The following members recently joined the ranks of AIA Virginia.

New Architect Members

Mr. Trevor T. Costa, AIA (Northern Virginia)
Ms. Kelsey M. Dressing, AIA (Northern Virginia)
Mr. John D. Martinez, AIA (Northern Virginia)
Mr. Patton H. Roark III, AIA (Richmond)
Mr. Scott M. Rosenbaum, AIA (Central Virginia)

New Associate Members

Ms. Dilyara M. Ahmad, Assoc. AIA (Northern Virginia)
Ms. Maria Barrios, Assoc. AIA (Blue Ridge)
Mr. Edwin C. Baruch II, Assoc. AIA (Northern Virginia)
Ms. Charis E. Fortunato, Assoc. AIA (Northern Virginia)
Mrs. Muzhgan Hussaini, Assoc. AIA (Northern Virginia)
Marquis Reynolds, Assoc. AIA (Blue Ridge)
Miss Sydney M. Sasser, Assoc. AIA (Northern Virginia)

Transferred In

Nidy Schiavoni-Hendrickson, Assoc. AIA (Hampton Roads) from AIA Connecticut
Ms. Rachel Howlett, AIA (Richmond) from AIA Connecticut
Ms. Whitney C. Ludvik, AIA (Richmond) from AIA DC
Mr. Geoffrey Ax, AIA (Northern Virginia) from AIA DC
Mr. Suk-Ho Chung, AIA (Northern Virginia) from AIA California
Ms. Alicia B. Colon, AIA (Northern Virginia) from AIA New York

New Allied Members

Russ Hellem Glo Windows and Doors
Michael Leonard, Senior Project Manager France Environmental

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