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Healthcare, Life Insurance, and Business Planning, Oh My!

AIA Virginia has created a strategic partnership with Chartwell Capital to provide you with individual consulting services and benefits you deserve. Chartwell’s wide variety of professional services – including benefits, customized solutions, and powerful strategies – are available exclusively to AIA members to meet your needs as a business, individual, or employee.

Chartwell Capital is committed to finding ways to help AIA Virginia members improve their quality of life and rest soundly at night. Please bookmark this website for easy access. As an AIA Virginia member, this is your personal tool and communication device that allows you to have direct access to us and to have us go to work for YOU to see if we can help you. Click on the topic that is of interest to you, and simply ask us for help.

Health Care Assessment

Are you interested in knowing what your health care costs and coverages are going to be when you get older and retire? We can provide you with a detailed assessment of these costs in any city that you choose to live. What does Medicare (Parts A, B, C and D) cover and how much does it cost? What will be your out-of-pocket expense? To inquire, click here: We will send you a few questions to answer and within 3 days, we will provide you with a detailed Health Care Assessment.

Interested in having your existing life insurance policy appraised?

Click this link to view a video

Have you made any plans to maximize the value of your existing architecture business?

Click this link to view a video

We are here to help you with whatever needs you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask a question.

View the AIA Virginia Benefits Package

Rob Smith
Chartwell Capital Advisors
Robert C. Smith, PLC
The Branch House
2501 Monument Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23220
(804) 357-5977

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