Like many of you, I spent some time recently “planning” for the coming year – considering what I need to start doing, what I need to keep doing (albeit more effectively), and what (for various reasons) I need to stop doing.

In my particular case, these reflections coincide with having recently assumed a new role as EVP of the organization. This is an opportunity that I take seriously, for which I am grateful, and that I meet with a mixture of humility, optimism, and enthusiasm.

Paul Battaglia, AIA

The perspective afforded by this new role has not only confirmed but also quickened my appreciation for:

  • the professionalism, diligence, and dedication of the staff team
  • the volunteerism, passion, and stewardship of the leadership
  • the skills, talent, and collegiality of the membership
  • the contributions and collaborative spirit of our allies and strategic partners

I am increasingly grateful for and inspired by the impact of our profession, our organization, our members, and our leaders – both past and present. The legacy of our organization provides a substantial source of confidence. There is much of which we can be justifiably proud. There is also much yet to be done (i.e., realizing the potential and the promise of our current strategic plan).

I have been enjoying getting to work and joining in and finding my way. I have even been enjoying getting or staying, out of the way.

I relish the opportunity to participate in and further our collaborative efforts. And I anticipate our collective satisfaction as we fructify the opportunities and challenges that lie before us: some of which we are pursuing intentionally, many of which have yet to reveal themselves.

As befits your particular circumstances, and on behalf of the organization, our members, and myself:

  • I thank you for your contributions and support
  • I encourage you to sustain, or (re)commence your engagement
  • I ask that you remain vigilant in recognizing potential allies
  • and that you invite and encourage them to join and remain with us

I wish you, each of yours, and all of us, nothing but the very best for the new year.

Here we go! Together!

Paul Battaglia, AIA
Executive Vice President
AIA Virginia