Seventy-five years ago, Hampton University began offering courses for students wishing to pursue a career in architecture.  Fully accredited by NAAB since 1963, the program offers a five-year Master of Architecture degree.  In addition to providing preparation for successful professional lives, the department has a special commitment to engagement with regional challenges, particularly for urban communities.  It is also committed to teaching sustainable design and to the challenges of building well and sensibly by the water’s edge.

To celebrate this anniversary, the department of architecture is holding a Beaux Arts Ball on 29 April and extends a most cordial invitation to area friends and professionals to join us.  The traditional fiesta of architecture students everywhere, the after-dinner ball will feature costumes related to the theme “Historic Artifacts” for those inclined to such expression, with a $75 prize to the best, selected by a panel of current and former department chairs.  Regional artisanal cheeses, produce, fondues, beer, and champagne punch will be on tap and music will be a mix of the songs that made 75 years of students get up from their desks and dance.

The department also hopes as part of the celebration to raise $75,000 to establish a scholarship fund for fifth-year students who, after clearing undergraduate status, find traditional funding sources like Pell Grants unavailable to them.  As a consequence, many must find jobs during this crucial final year of the program.  We hope many will join us trying to provide this crucial support.

While the department is small and the curriculum dense, we currently run a number of unusual programs within in – we have participated in two Solar Decathlons with ODU as our partner, offer – to the best of our knowledge – the first concentration in adaptation to sea level rise. Our first adaptation elective, done with Wetlands Watch and ODU for the Norfolk Neighborhood of Chesterfield Heights, became the basis for work in the Dutch Dialogues and was awarded $1,100,000 implementation grant in the  The department is one of six members of the National Resilience Institute, a program put together by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the AIA.  We run an urban design travel program overseas; this is orchestrated in part by faculty member Ray Gindroz, FAIA, who also teaches a course in urban design.  We hope to make more of our academic work available to the local community with eligibility for continuing education credit.As the only accredited architectural program in the

As the only accredited architectural program in the region, we are proud to be part of the region and its professional community.  Many of our students stay and pursue careers locally.

Please join us in celebrating our milestone anniversary and supporting our scholarship program.

Tickets and contributions may be managed at by mail to Department of Architecture, Hampton University, Hampton, VA 23668, or at the door.  Thanks for your support!


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