A Very Discounted Amber Book Opportunity

We still have a few Amber Book subscriptions at the amazing discount of $50. Available to AIA Associate members.

Here are the parameters:

  1. The Amber Book will only be accessible for a two-month period.
  2. You must sign an agreement that states you will register for all of your ARE exams within 30 days of your Amber Book subscription ends.
  3. Send AIA Virginia a screenshot proving you have registered for all of your exams.
  4. Let us know how many exams you pass on your first shot.


Once you register, you will be sent a link to submit your payment and then the subscription code will be sent.

Scholarship funding made possible through a grant from The Branch Museum of Architecture & Design.

I wanted to update you that I worked through the Amber Book ARE prep program from July 20th – September 1st, and took all six exam sessions over the last week’s week, finishing yesterday. I passed all six exams on the first go. I eagerly await my license in the coming weeks. I found the Amber Book approach of taking the exams as one exhausting extended exam is the best, most efficient approach. There’s just so much overlapping content that it should be treated as one exam and taken that way. Thank you for supporting ARE candidates via the Amber Book as it’s cost is significant. I found this program the best fit for me and the 60-day study program promoting perfect!

George C Logusch, AIA