This has been one of the most dramatic election seasons in quite some time.

Control of the Virginia House of Delegates was determined by literally draw by lot.

Delegate David Yancey (R – Newport News) won the draw against Shelly Simonds to determine the winner of the election in House District 94 after the previous recount ended in a tie. This gives the Republicans a 51-49 edge in the House.

The session starts today (January 10) and proposed legislation has been pouring in. Already, there is proposed legislation that suggests that architectural design work should be awarded based solely on the cost of your services. This approach ignores your talents as a design professional with specific expertise and knowledge that benefits the respective client for many years after the project is completed.

The Joint Legislative Committee kicks off its series of bill review meetings on Friday, January 12.  As an AIA Virginia member, we may call upon you to help convey the ramifications of a proposed bill.  Especially, if the bill is targeted at a specific practice area. Let’s come together as a united front and make sure we continue to position ourselves as vital contributors to the built environment!

Want to be involved? Contact Corey Clayborne, AIA at