The Art of Practice was held late last month in Charlottesville. Thank you to Sonya Ravindranath Waddell (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond), Matt Laird (Atlantic Union Bank), and Joseph Cooch (Lee|Shoemaker) for the intriguing presentations. Thank you to Stephen Halsey (Moseley Architects), Jeanne LeFever (Glave & Holmes Architecture), and Charles Piper (Quinn Evans) for a thoughtful and candid panel discussion. Thank you to Maggie Schubert (Chestnut Knoll Studio), Andrew McKinley (VIA design), and Charles Piper (Quinn Evans) for moderating the firm-size roundtables. Thank you to our sponsors: Bamforth, Gropen, Keith Fabry, Lee|Shoemaker PLLC, McGriff Insurance, Moseley Architects, and O’Hagan Meyer PLLC. Thank you to Common House for providing an enjoyable and intimate venue. And thank you to those who attended and engaged. View a photo gallery here>>

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Paul Battaglia, AIA
Executive Vice President
AIA Virginia