This year’s class of the Emerging Leaders in Architecture (ELA) program project will focus on the 10th & Page neighborhood of Charlottesville. The 10th & Page neighborhood is a traditionally African-American neighborhood that has a public housing presence. The city of Charlottesville is in desperate need of affordable housing and the City’s previous actions regarding redevelopment of Vinegar Hill has left a racial inequity that is still present today. Development of the surrounding areas around 10th and Page has led to a neighborhood that’s beginning to feel trapped by car traffic and surrounding, high-rent developments.

On Friday, March 9th, the ELA class met with local residents, local non-profits, and city officials to begin their dive into their work on the project area. City of Promise Program Director, Denise Johnson, spoke to the group about City of Promise’s mission and what they have found out about the area during its work. One thing that was noted was that most people in the neighborhood work from a place of surviving instead of sustaining. During their discussion with the residents, the class found that there has been a sense of tone deafness between the developers and residents. Some families that have lived in the neighborhood for generations are now feeling negative pressures from new surrounding developments.

In addition to their time spent meeting on Friday, the class also took time on Saturday, March 10th to continue their research. The group mapped the area to analyze different aspects of the site including topography, bus routes, school locations, and surrounding commercial buildings. They also continued their discussions with local residents.

Special thanks go out to the sponsors of the 2018 ELA program and to all who contribute in any capacity to make the program a success.

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