Starting this month, Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) will begin sending digital licenses to all regulated professionals with a registered email, allowing licensed professionals to more easily comply with the legal requirements of providing your licenses upon request.

DPOR will partner with online credentialing service Merit to provide individual licenses in their online platform that is accessible, portable, verifiable, and free of charge.

Individual licenses will be issued and used in the same way but now made accessible with a few taps on a phone or web browser. This September, you will receive an email from DPOR via so you can set up your account for continued access to your digital licenses. If you do not receive the email, please be sure to update your email address by filling out the form here:

About Merit
Merit enables organizations to securely issue and manage digital merits in order to better engage, serve, and grow their member community. Merit offers organizations and individuals a way to leverage a single secure platform to verify their personal and professional qualifications versus relying on analog siloed systems of paper certificates, ledgers, and plastic identification cards.   

Find more information about how Merit is helping licensed professionals more easily comply with their legal requirements in the Commonwealth of Virginia at