How many times have you walked past a construction site and seen signs promoting the general contractor? We think architecture firms deserve recognition on construction sites too! Construction sites inspire curiosity. They tell a story. Wouldn’t you like to help shape that narrative?

The AIA has created custom construction site signs to recognize how new construction will contribute to the community. We think this is a great idea — so we’re sponsoring up to 10 banners for members. We’d love to see at least one in each of Virginia’s 5 components.

If you have an active (or soon-to-be active) job site and are interested in participating, please contact Rhea George.

Simply work with us to customize a banner by sharing a project image, firm contact information, logo, and a compelling headline. These mesh banners are durable and come with zip ties for easy fastening to a fence.

All we ask in return are a few photos of the sign posted at the job site.

Members can also create a Brand Shop account and design and purchase signs directly from the AIA.