The Problem
Historically, members who invest in AIA Virginia’s Political Action Committee (PAC) have received a lapel pin that can be worn to demonstrate his/her support of our legislative efforts. The existing pin has become dated as it uses the organization’s past name of VSAIA (Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects). AIA Virginia’s Government Advocacy Advisory Council and PAC Board of Trustees desires to engage the membership in the creation of a new pin that represents AIA Virginia.

Submission Requirements

  • The lapel pin will be given to investors of the AIA Virginia PAC
  • It should be suitable to be worn by both, men and women
  • Identify colors being proposed
  • Sketch your proposed design on a napkin
  • Submission should include recommended lapel dimensions
  • Under the sketch, use one sentence to articulate the vision of the design to the jury.
  • Photograph it and email it to Corey Clayborne at
  • Submissions Due: Friday, August 16, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. EST


  • The winner will receive free admission to Architecture Exchange East 2019 as a guest of the Government Advocacy Advisory Council and PAC Board of Trustees
  • The winning submission will be presented at Architecture Exchange East 2019 in conjunction with the “Rumble in the Jungle” award

About the AIA Virginia Political Action Committee

  • Like many professions and occupations, architects have interests that specifically impact our profession, practice, and our community
  • The legislative and regulatory environment is arguably the most important arena that impacts how we provide our professional services
  • When proposed legislation is passed, it becomes law. Therefore, some proposed ideas have good motives, but unintentional consequences. We, as architects, want to have an influential voice in this arena which allows us to control our destiny.
  • We can’t have an influential voice without having relationships. As such, the PAC allows us to build these necessary relationships
  • Investing time [working on a campaign – knocking on doors] and capital in a candidate is the most effective way to build a relationship. The PAC invests capital. Candidates often use these funds for campaigns or other vehicles to carry out the goals of his/her constituents
  • Our investments provide opportunities to educate legislators about what we do. Remember, the General Assembly is comprised of members of varying backgrounds, professions, experiences, and cultures.