We have heard from our members and colleagues that the recession has caused a gap in professionals at your firm that we might consider “the middle.” You are looking for ways to enhance the skills of your younger professionals and accelerate them into firm leadership roles. At the other end of the spectrum, there is also a need for preparing the existing firm leadership for their exit when the time is appropriate.

To meet this need, we are creating a new one-day conference to be held in the opposite years of the well-loved Design Forum and held at various locations throughout the state.



The Art of Practice is designed to build skills required by our profession. Topics for discussion will include firm culture, marketing, new technology trends, and how to grow your practice. With relevant content for both small and large firms, no matter what stage in your career, we are sure there will be something for everyone.

Put it on your calendar: March 31 in Northern Virginia. Come to build your practice skills; come to be inspired.

If you have any questions or want to know how you can be involved in the Art of Practice Conference, contact Event Chair Maggie Schubert, AIA, or Marshall Dreiling, Education Manager.


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