While AIA Virginia did not propose any legislation in the Virginia General Assembly this year, we have been vigilant in monitoring the bills that were proposed by others. When proposed legislation does, or might, affect us, we have developed an appropriate response: supporting or opposing those bills – or, in some cases, working to see that they are amended to our satisfaction.

Having just passed the midway point of Virginia’s legislative session – after which the bills “crossover” to the other chamber – we will remain attentive to the progress of the surviving legislation. We will monitor how each bill advances; whether it is passed, or amended, by the other chamber; how, if amended, it is resolved by a Committee of Conference; whether it is accepted, vetoed, or amended, by the Governor; and how, if amended or vetoed, it is received by the General Assembly.

In the meantime, we have a sizeable delegation headed to DC for AIA Leadership Summit 2023. Next week’s program includes sessions on Leadership, Advocacy, Engagement, and the role of the Citizen Architect. There will be opportunities to network with AIA members from across the country. And Hill Day will afford the opportunity to connect with our elected officials at the national level to discuss issues of interest to AIA nationally – as well as some items of local interest that could be affected by federal legislation.

There is certainly plenty of good work being done. I applaud those who are active in advocacy.

This work requires consistent action. It is never finished. It requires constant engagement, and education, at the local, state, and federal levels.

Soon after the current legislative sessions end, we will turn our attention to considering how we can better coordinate and organize our various advocacy programs and increase the impact of our legislative and regulatory activities. Stay tuned for additional information about that.

And please invest in the PAC. The PAC is a powerful tool in our advocacy toolbox. We will need your help to keep this, and all our tools, sharp.