January 29, 2017

Amanda N. Schlichting, Associate AIA

The Board of Directors of the American Institute of Architects Region of The Virginias has selected Amanda N. Schlichting, Associate AIA, as Regional Associate Director for the 2017 – 2018 term on the National Associates Committee.

Amanda graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015 and lives in Danville, Virginia, where she has worked for Dewberry since 2014. She has been involved with both local and national organizations as a student, a community advocate, and as a Director on the Board of AIA Blue Ridge. Through the AIA, she has helped run community design events and become a part of the 2017 Class of Virginia’s Emerging Leaders in Architecture Program.

She discovered her passion for architecture during a middle school when she became determined to go to architecture school, get licensed, and give back to the community and the profession. She believes that, to be truly successful, it is crucial to develop relationships and push others to succeed with you. She wants to help other emerging architects see the value in becoming licensed and bring others along the path to professional success.

“Amanda has the right temperament as a leader and listener,” according to Larry W. Hasson, Jr., AIA, her immediate supervisor at Dewberry, adding that she “is a leader, not a follower, as she does not wait to be told to perform; she initiates.” President-elect J. W. Blanchard at AIA Blue Ridge said, “Amanda is a hardworking volunteer leader who understands the appropriateness of delegating and building consensus among volunteers… and understands when the time is right to roll up her sleeves.”

The National Associates Committee (NAC) serves Associate AIA members in the advancing their careers. The NAC wants to be a catalyst by becoming agents of change, by challenging the status quo, by representing a diverse membership, and by promoting mentorship, fellowship, licensure, advocacy, and service.

The Regional Associate Director (RAD) serves as a vital link between Associates and the national organization. RADs work with other association counterparts, are responsible for gathering information about issues facing Associates within their Regions, and help disseminate information about national/regional activities and resources for use at the local level.

For more information about the Region of The Virginias, contact Brian J. Frickie, AIA, AIA Strategic Council Representative, Region of The Virginias

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