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Art of Practice

AIA Virginia is convening a diverse cadre of decision-makers, from practices of all sizes, for a one-day forum designed to cultivate strong leaders and advance business practices. With a focus on creating and fostering a healthy firm culture, both seasoned and emerging leaders will come together to share and learn best practices, be challenged, and be celebrated by their peers. Roundtable discussions will focus on leadership development, team building, diversity, inclusion and equity, and legal challenges faced by firms.

Attendance is free but space is limited. Please register below to reserve your spot.

Art of Practice - 2017

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    Architects must “speak up” and be engaged in the public discourse that shapes our society, communities, and neighborhoods.

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    Bringing together the planning and design disciplines to examine two key themes critical to the future — job creation and environmental sustainability — on Sept. 19-20, 2014 at the Virginia Accord.